Punk Legend, Mike Ness signs on for BandFuse: Rock Legends

Although the staff here had an idea for a while, it’s nice to have something a bit more official. Mike Ness of legendary punk band Social Distortion will be appearing in BandFuse: Rock Legends alongside legends such as Slash, Bootsy Collins and Zakk Wylde, as well as a few more, as an in game mentor. The classic Social Distortion track Bad Luck will also be making an appearance in the game too! The trailer showcases a bit about Mike Ness’ songwriting, specifically how Bad Luck came to be. From the looks of it, we may be getting these songwriting stories from the other legends too!

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mep691832d ago

What is Punk about him ? Or any of Americas so called Punks -_-

Godlovesgamers1832d ago

Musical elitism, fanboyisms' nasty older brother.

mep691830d ago

Learn what Punk music is please...... and what it means to be a Punk.......

Godlovesgamers1830d ago

LoL!!! Sorry, I'm not 15yrs old anymore.

SquidBuck1832d ago

I'd take heavy metal over punk any day.