Bayonetta 2 : New York Comic Con Gameplay

IGN:A chaotic look at Platinum's upcoming Wii U game.

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Chupa-Chupa3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Whoa, the game is looking amazing, this looks next-gen for sure. Platinum has figured out the Wii U.

Army_of_Darkness3403d ago

Agreed! the only wiiU game I would officially consider next gen quality!

ABizzel13403d ago

@Chupa & Army

Disagree with both of you. It is a great looking game, and definitely looks like the leap we've come to expect from the first game to the final version in games like:

Uncharted 1 -> Uncharted 3
Halo 3 -> Halo 4
Gears of War -> Gears of War 3
Killzone 2 -> Killzone 3
Gran Turismo 5 -> Gran Turismo 6
Both God of Wars
Heay Rain & Beyond: 2 Souls (Beyond looks next-gen)
The Last of Us
Crysis 3
Metro Last Light
Remember Me
Grid 2

are all amazing looking games on the PS360, and Bayonetta 2 would fit right in with those games. Bayonetta 2 looks great, but not next-gen.

duducus3403d ago

I'd say Monolith Soft's X is also next gen quality, since the world is pretty huge and looks good.

Concertoine3403d ago

The thing is bayonetta 2 is 1080p native, as well as 60 fps. Thats pretty impressive that in its first few years the wii u can run latter day ps3/360 graphics at higher resolution.

X1PS4WiiU3403d ago

Where has it been confirmed to be 1080p native? Id count on it to be 720p.

LOL_WUT3403d ago

For a crazy all out hack n slash game it looks pretty good but in no ways is it next-gen quality. Just saying it how it is ;)

ABizzel13403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

1080p @ 60fps is fine, but it still looks like a really great looking current gen game.

To say Bayonetta 2 looks much better than any of the games I listed "GRAPHICALLY" is an opinion, and one that not many people would agree with.

To say a game like inFamous Second Son looks better than those games, as well as Bayonetta 2 "GRAPHICALLY" is an opinion, but one many people would agree with. That goes for X as well, on top of that inFamous has advanced HDR lighting, tessellation, environmental destruction, etc...

The Wii U can produce some great looking games. It's more powerful than the PS360 GPU wise, and the PS360 have produced some great looking games like I listed. However, the Wii U is not going to have games that look like "next-gen" games.



Actually it's not really that impressive, because the Wii U is launching a full 6/7 years after the PS360, and has better hardware in most areas (GPU and more RAM). This should be expected IMO, and people are getting excited because Bayonetta and X are finally showing the Wii U off in a good light, when it should have been obvious Day 1.

I have a different perspective on all of this because I'm a console and a PC gamer, so I've been playing "next-gen games" on PC for a couple years, and nothing on Wii U has touched PC graphics mid settings thus far, whereas, games like Killzone Shadow Fall, inFmaous Second Son, Drive Club, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Assassin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Deep Down, and even Ryse look "next-gen".

Again not saying Bayonetta looks bad at all, it looks great, just like all the other games I listed on 7/8 year old hardware, but they're not next-gen. Just great looking current-gen games (again except Beyond).

alphaomega883402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )


How should it have shown it Day 1 exactly? Firstly, third party doesnt really ever take advantage of hardware until at least 2-3 years, and its Nintendo's first time doing HD. What you expected was the next climb from PS3/360, when the very notion is unrealistic because its not an evolution of those systems. Running from day one the latter day games of those systems on quick ports is pretty impressive, especially while taking into account that they are set up as cpu intensive systems, while the wii u is a gpu intensive system. This was Nintendo's first foray into HD, if anything expectations shouldve been in the range of the first HD games on those 2 systems, not the latter end. That for a company that hadnt touched HD wouldve been somewhat closer to expected, especially on a custom system not made with out of the box parts.

If anything, I am impressed that within the first two years of a custom system you are going to see games like bayonetta 2, X, and the inevitably amazing looking Zelda. I think everyone underestimates what the Wii U can do, and will be able to do. Not saying the others arent more powerful, but considering they are mid range pcs, and Im guessing with familiarity pull 75% of the tricks out of the box(my personal guess), and Wii U is pulling 25-50% with what is seen now(again my guess, but hearing developers say they have only used one core for their games of 3, doesnt seem terribly far-fetched), I would guess the Wii U wont be as far behind at the end of the gen as so many believe, my guess is WiiU<XboxOne<Ps4 will be equal to Ps2<GC<Xbox...I suppose time will tell

Chrischi19883402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

It is funny, what you people call "next gen games" like the games will be any different, gameplay wise. On PC, we have the so called Next Gen, for about the last 2 years from your current gen games.

After the release of PS4 and Xbox1 people will realize, how dumb this whole discussion was. As PC gamer, I know for sure, what Next Gen games offer and what not, so keep dreaming on your next gen, because in about 2-3 console generations, you might get, what you expect right now, for $399.

PS3 struggelt on its release year a lot and didnt show anything, but now it does. hmm, what could that mean for Wii U? Somehow, it seems, people dislike PCs, but want to make their console more and more, like a PC and tend to forget, what the problems with consoles are, like Devs have to get used to the new hardware, to produce something really good on it.

Valve hated the PS3 in its initial 2 years, when they created Half Life for it, why, because they said the console was a mess, like nowadays with Wii U and now, what do they say about PS3?

N4g_null3402d ago

Abizzel the ps4 and xbone are not next g3n either. They simply lack the power. The next gen effects start at 2 teraflops in processing power. The ps4 is the closest yet it is a ful gen behind what was needed. Also the jaguar core was not designed for gaming only. You will get alot of unneeded win legacy crap in that compiler. It is unknown if sony is going to adopt mantel instead of open gl on the ps4, yet nintendo api almost skips the cpu completely just like any good gpgpu set up.

One reason why this is extra impressive is the vextex transforming along with with very high polygon counts. Hardly any frame drops with transparent effects appearing, a classic problem with the old cpu gpu data hand shake.

What is the icing on this cake is their imagination, it is reneder like a damn dream! It seems I have a god of war replacement, and it is two player too... wow.

Platinum is way ahead of everyone else on the wiiu with this api it would seem.

I though the 3d backgrounds in killzone where cool but that city scape in the background while the last boss is choking a building like in transformers was very impressed.

Bravo bravo platinum... I will be buying two games from you so far!
Its crazy we are getting a game like this so earlier and not a fps center piece.

Sano643402d ago


The video just does not do the game justice. Here is a higher quality video of Bayonetta 2.

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_QQ_3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago ) ign's video quality is crap, watch it in crisp 1080p here

3403d ago
kratos_TheGoat3403d ago

gameplay taht only good part of the game show the story bet money is dull like the first 1

Sincere01213403d ago

Yaaawn, wouldn't it be great if fan boys/trolls like this one actually had a life. Lol

kratos_TheGoat3403d ago

man i own a wiiu, 360, ps3, plus I'm about to own both x1 and ps4 this nov how I'm a fanboy btw lol the dialog was a joke the highest level was a joke the gameplay save the game

ABizzel13403d ago


Bayonetta's story wasn't bad, it was standard stuff for the genre; however, the the characters (outside of Bayonetta and Jean) and the dialog and were AWFUL.

This is a perfect example of Gameplay being the most important part of a game.

guitarded773403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Yeah, there was some pretty bad dialog at times... so bad it was funny in an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness (the movies... not the n4g users) sort of way.

Summons753403d ago

Because God of War is so in depth with story and character development....

Common guy, you clearly like God of War which is a game in this genre. You should know that these games are 100% focused on the gameplay then add in a story. Bayonetta didn't have a dull story but it wasn't an epic poem either. God of War was the same and Devil May Cry (aside from that Ninja Theory crap) had a more developed story but people talk about GOW and DMC because of the gameplay NOT the story.

kratos_TheGoat3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

god of war is known by epic outstanding story & amazing character like kratos .gorgeous graphic and music. i can keep going, this is why god of war will remain kings of king of h&s. bayontta is gameplay game nothing more at least dmc3 was fun both story and gameplay love dmd level. when pplz talk about gow all you hear the game is epic af. while bayontta is talk about gameplay only because the story is a dull. bayontta 2 got to prove me wrong because the first was mainly about dull story with her teasing her body. i don't mind she tease she sexy but have outstanding story

Summons753403d ago

hahahahahaha God of War known for story...that's a riot. It has an aweful story and destories Greek Mythology at every turn. Sure it's graphics are nice (but those don't make a game) and music is nice (those do indeed add to the experience) and the gameplay is good (though rather stiff when compared to Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, it's playable though). Story is NOT a reason for it's greatness. Hell every game had the same exact plot: Angry man kills everything only to be still angry.

Tontus3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Are you just stupid or just saying stupid things because it offends you that some people didn't like Bayonetta and aren't looking forward to the sequel?

God of War is loved my many millions of people for the STORY, VISUALS, SOUND & GAMEPLAY. It does have an amazing story inspired by the brutal and fantastic realm of Greek mythology with a huge twist and it has great characters, Kratos is one of the most popular characters in gaming, his character also has a hell of a lot of back-story and changes a lot from the start to the end of the over-aching plot. People love him, why else would he be so popular?

The series wouldn't be as successful without the great story and Kratos being such a beloved and iconic lead character, say what ever you want but that's the truth. It's probably the reason the series dominates the genre in acclaim, popularity and sales.

God of War is so successful because it excels in every area instead of focusing 100% on gameplay like most other hack 'n slash games (all the Japanese ones) and so they never receive GoW 1,2 3 acclaim and always sell poorly. If you need more proof look at Castlvania: Lords of Shadow, that game has a great story and characters whereas none of the other games in the series did, C:LoS ended up being the most successful game in the series ever.

So yes, God of War does have an amazing story and the characters are great whether you posses the ability to appreciate and understand it or not, you clearly don't if you think every game is just about a man killing & shouting at things angrily with no motivation? Pay more attention before criticising, genius.

ABizzel13403d ago


You're flat out wrong here.

Bayonetta had a subpar story, with awful dialog and characters (outside of Bayonetta and Jean).

God of War has a story good story each game, with a great set-up, and an amazing quest.

God of War destroys every other game in the genre when it comes to story, journey, visuals, set pieces, audio, voice work, characters, performance, just about everything these games do God of War excels at while the others struggle to be slightly above average.

That being said Gameplay goes to Bayonetta (10 free form) > DMC (9.5 depending on the game higher or lower) > Ninja Gaiden (9 depending on the game) > GOW (8.5 higher or lower depending on the game 3 / Ascension are close to a 9 IMO) > ???? IMO as the top 5 gameplay wise.

God of War takes the crown in by a large margin in everything else. God of War takes everything with a 10 / 10, while the other games range around 8.5 / 10 on a good day.

PopRocks3593403d ago


You realize you're debating on a subjective matter, right? No one HAS to think God of War is better than anything. I like God of War, but I don't think it's the masterpiece everyone hails it to be.

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_QQ_3403d ago

A game doesn't need a good story to be amazing, look at god of war3 for example, kill gods.... thats it,but the game is still amazing.

LOL_WUT3402d ago

Same could be said about Mario save the princess that's it see what I did there? It doesn't make it any less good. ;)

_QQ_3402d ago

@ lol_wut yeah thats what i'm saying games don't need stories to be top notch....

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-Foxtrot3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Oh dear what have they done to Jeanne's hair and her design...I kind of liked it in the first game when it was shorter

Looks really nice though, I loved the first one. Might not be able to play this for a long time though which is kind of sad, least I have other games to keep me going in the mean time

Does anyone know if Luka is returning?

RyanShutup3403d ago

I thinnnnnnnnk I remember seeing him in a prior vid but I'm not 100%

-Foxtrot3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

LOL 7 Disagrees for saying it looks nice and how I loved the first one

Unreal...thats N4G for you, say something possitive or negative you can never win

PopRocks3593403d ago

Well at least your comment was an opinion and not everyone agrees with it. It's better than stating a fact and having people click the disagree button.

Watch this: *ahem* The sky is blue.

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