Microsoft now serves up ads when you use Xbox search function on 360

One of the last parts of the Xbox 360 dashboard that didn't have ads, the search function, has been updated and now every time you search for a game you will probably have to sift through a few advertisements.

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Gasian1836d ago

Too bad I sold it for a 3ds

DestinyHeroDoomlord1836d ago

At least mobile games have the decency to remove ads after you paid

darthv721836d ago

"Tired of paying for Xbox Live Gold and still seeing your dashboard flooded with ads?"

One square in the lower right corner is now considered "flooded"

Guess I should complain to sony because i pay for + and see ads at the top of every section on the XMB when i highlight the store icon.

UnHoly_One1836d ago

Agreed. I've never seen the ads on the dash as a problem.

They are helpful recommendations and shortcuts to things I might want to buy.

People will bitch about anything.

thejigisup1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I was waiting to see when the dmg control was going to come.

Edit: let's try to keep Sony out of this so there can be honest discussion. Why is there an ad for cereal while on a console?

UnHoly_One1836d ago

Gamers eat food too, right?

MasterCornholio1836d ago

Yeah mountain dew and doritos is gamer fuel.

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