Xbox One Named Top 10 Breakthrough of 2013

Popular Mechanics, a hugely popular magazine about all things tech, has recently published its report on what products they feel were the breakthrough products of 2013. It is a top 10 list and at number 9 is the Xbox One. Why did it make the list?

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Convas2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Whether or not you agree with this assessment or not, I wonder how many will suddenly dislike PopMech or wonder why the opinion of why some no-name magazine (that's actually 100+ years old and quite popular in non-gaming circles) actually matters.

Will it be that it's just their opinion or that they were moneyhatted?

WorldGamer2743d ago

Well, seeing as how the media these days have actually become shills of corporations/political parties (see: Fox News), it is entirely possible that MS paid PopMech for some good PR.

Who would have thought that the US government would have been involved in syphilis experimentation on black men (See: Tuskegee Experiment).

Not to be extreme in my analogy, but you act as if MS providing a "money hat" is something propostrous, but clearly, more severe and damaging things have happened.

Sony might do the same as well. My point is it's dangerous to write something off, just because you have a particular agenda. Take all with a grain of salt, or better yet, a whole handful.

Kingthrash3602742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

i think this is where that billion dollars ms was talking about went to....paying for hype. my opinion they paid...but maybe the mag really beleves it.

RyuCloudStrife2742d ago

a breakthrough of your privacy once you have that bug in your house

JokesOnYou2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Of course they paid a very reputable and long standing company/magazine to say this because no one in the free press, thats been well respected for many years of tech coverage could never consider X1 as a breakthrough product, just like anyone on n4g who prefers X1 must also be a microsoft employee. I mean you sony guys have it all figured out if any source has a negative view its of course legit if a they think the X1 is impressive then its paid.

Wow how convenient, no need for a soft bed, a comfy pillow or a warm blanket I'm sure you're all going to sleep much better with this rationalization.

Good Night folks.

rainslacker2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I tend to have a bit more faith in popular mechanics than I do in Toy's R' Us top 15 which is known to be a paid advertisment. Half the stuff on the PopMech actual list I can't imagine companies paying for to get a spot.

I am a bit disheartened to see that they call it revolutionary and evolutionary, when it's really just an extension of what we have now. I kind of feel this way about both the PS4 and X1, and I'm OK with that.

What I find evolutionary is the approach in terms of developer relations that Sony is taking. They did something similar with the PS2, but now they are taking it to a whole new level and started in the early concept phase, and I commend them for it.

I won't speak on MS in this regard because I am a bit biased against them now, but I believe they also felt the same way on making the system easier to work with, yet don't promote it as much.

I think any revolution we see, particularly in terms of gaming, on either system are going to come from the devs themselves which push the hardware to achieve something new. You know...kind of the way it's done every generation.

It's been quite a while since we've seen an actual revolution in terms of the hardware itself, and we're not really seeing it this gen, despite all the hype.

MiHX22742d ago

A typcial day of the Sony troll:
First,he opens his pc,Second,He annoys the whole community.
You guys need to stop with "M$ paid them..." and "M$ paid that...."

Insomnia_842742d ago

Their money wont't be enough! Let them try though, like they did with the 360. I think some of us know what the result will be and it looks like Microsoft's Shareholders know it too.

MS is in for a bad time and only those with zero info and common sense are in denial.


Waiting for you to come and call me fanboy and psychotic STALKER for commenting on the everyday news as you go through my profile and comment history LMFAO!!!

FamilyGuy2742d ago

Who cares, I'm more interested in how this even made the list when the thing isn't even out yet. They are basing its inclusion solely on demos on the device in controlled environments at game shows and events. Nothing is proven until they're in the hands of the public, I doubt Kinect will face-plant on the promised abilities but this article is still jumping the gun.

The last line made me laugh; "The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities."
The only thing developers are trying to grasp are better drivers so they can game their games running smoothly on it with sacrificing all the next gen assets.

P0werVR2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

The point is, for anyone who are unbiased to the facts. Will most definitely agree that Xbox One is truly Next Gen.

If you truly without bias do your own DD, you'll come out at the end with a whole new perspective because of how forward looking Microsoft is with Xbox One.


What does that have to do with paying under the table or even ANYTHING Xbox?! LMAO!

Ok they did a deal with a Magazine group for their MSN network lifestyle...and?!

nukeitall2742d ago

Other than the hardcore niche group, the rest of the world views it with an objective eye and will see how fantastic technology is built into Xbox One.

It is just the fangirls that dismiss this, but let me speak to deaf ears and say MS (or even Sony) has far more important avenues to spend their money.

gameonbro2742d ago

if anyone likes microsoft you're a shill or paid off, but if you like sony it's just because it's better than jesus(not the son of God although that's how sony fanboys are acting)

these are tech magazines. geeks arent console gamers masturbating over consoles with specs weaker than their pcs. stuff like the cloud, heart rate monitoring time of flight measuring in kinect, haptic feedback of the impulse triggers, genuinely intrigue them. Just because gamers are one way think buttholes don't mean the world has to be.

medziarz2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

that's a good point but it's probably down to the Kinect ("that's supposed to work this time") that is permanently integrated with the system - that is what makes it a breakthrough, a new standard for Popular Mechanics...

SkyGamer2742d ago

You really think that popular mechanics really care what a few Sony fans think on an obscure website? Probably not. Same with Microsoft in that manner. I think the rest of the real world population will judge with their wallets. Problem is that the hard core gamer is shrinking. The casual gamer has more populace.

PeaSFor2742d ago

Hearst Magazines is a Microsoft business partner...

btw, that quote at the end is total bull. "The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities."

pfffhahahhahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahaha what a shit load of shit.

AndrewLB2742d ago

You sir are the idiot. The Fox News Channel exists today solely due to decades of left wing political bias in the American media. Obama and his ilk hate Fox because it has disrupted the progressive social engineering agenda and their brainwashing of the American people. Leftist bull$hit is bankrupting this nation and will enslave future generations to a national debt the democrats and leftist news organizations continue to lie about, claiming that this kind of reckless spending is "sustainable". Are you nuts? How can borrowing 1 out of every 3 dollars be sustainable? If you confiscated every dollar from people who have over $500k in assets (that includes homes), you couldn't even pay down HALF the debt. I guess the propaganda worked well on you but half this country aren't fools.

And can you please explain why Obama received more money from Wall Street and corporations than any president in US history? And why he exempted large corporations from this nightmare of a health care scam? You need to think for yourself and realize you're what the communists refer to as a "useful idiot"

Sono4212742d ago

umm I was skeptical until I read what they actually said about it... it's like they're oblivious to the chaos that has surrounded the Xbox One since the reveal..

"The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities."

Umm what? Games have been getting cut since they were first shown...

The only thing developers can't get a grasp on is how to make the pretty games we once saw at E3 work on the Xbox One smoothly without cuts and how to incorporate kinect in actual gaming.

It can hardly be considered evolutionary or revolutionary.

madpuppy2742d ago

you forgot MSNBC and CNN...just sayin' :p

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TomShoe2742d ago

Microsoft cutting those checks like there's not tomorrow.

BallsEye2742d ago

Just like sony pay all those indie devs to say good stuff about ps4.

ALLWRONG2742d ago

Sony also pays out for PSN+ but Sony boys have blinders on.

majiebeast2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

They paid toy r us to include their 499$ console with no games for kids. They probably paid for this too.

They cant get the positive PR going themselves so they buy it. Microsofts motto has always been, if you cant beat em buy em.

MRMagoo1232742d ago

lol how did you get a disagree , in the statement by ToysrUs they referred to MS as there partners, which would mean there was money involved in them getting onto the list.

zhuk is god2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Take care instead, you're next.

RyuCloudStrife2742d ago

the money they spend buying good PR they would be beter off sending free consoles all across America LMAO.

Eonjay2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

"The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities."

- bull

I think developers know exactly what it can do. Its nothing that hasn't been done before and to call it evolutionary and revolutionary is hyperbole beyond comprehension.

wiz71912742d ago

Just like the PS4 come on now ..

Eonjay2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

@Wiz This article doesn't mention the PS4 but neither should be considered revolutionary. Every technology that exists in both boxes has been around for years. How can the PS4, let alone the Xbox One, be considered a breakthrough.

rainslacker2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I neither agree or disagree. However, they are wrong in saying that the Kinect is integral to the X1. MS wanted us to think that, but then changed course on that when they realized most people don't care.

X1 may be evolutionary and revolutionary as stated by pop mechanics claim, but it is pretty obvious that most people didn't want that kind of evolution or revolution in a gaming console. If they had, MS wouldn't have had to make so many 180's to make it pretty much the same as 360 with souped up tech under the hood.

I also find it odd that the one reason they actually state for it being a breakthrough, despite this stuff being around for quite a while. I also find it odd that they claim it's a breakthrough, when Kinect seems to be the biggest point of contention among most people looking to get a new gaming console. It's really the only selling point that hasn't gone away, despite no longer being absolutely required.

Edit: A comment on the popmech website on this article pointed out that GamaSutra rated the PS4 the most influencial device of this year. For those that don't know, GamaSutra is one of the more respectable gaming sites on the internet, and tends to follow the industry workings instead of the general gaming culture that we usually see on here. If GamaSutra believes it's that influential, then it's likely they believe that because the devs are heavily influenced by it. That is a good thing for gamers that like the PS4.

2742d ago
gameonbro2742d ago

so why are these fools crying, bitching & complaining? xbox one is more innovative for non-gaming reasons hence popular mechanics digging on it

gamasutra is a game rag so..... they would pick the ps4

give kudos to where they go.

rainslacker2742d ago

If they're calling it innovative outside the gaming arena fine. But I have to ask, why are they giving credit to MS for the X1 when everything that the X1 can do non-gaming wise has been done already, by several years I might add. Samsung has a TV line with a camera/mic built in that can do every TV/streaming function the X1 can do, and it's been out for at least 2 years. Your basic bargain blu-ray player comes with all the streaming services and wi-fi built in. Control your cable boxes with your voice or a single source? Logitech has been doing that for the longest time. They have the technology down pat I might add, and their remotes are awesome.

Even PopMech says the Kinect is an upgrade to current tech, so not particularly innovative, just an extension of existing technology and ideas.

I also question which developers are saying it's so advanced that they have barely begun to grasp all it's possibilities. You'd think we would of heard of some of that on here since we have our ears to the ground on all things gaming. It's a purely hyperbolic statement. The system isn't even that advanced compared to PC tech, which devs seem to have a pretty firm grasp on. Same goes for the PS4, so I'm not singling MS out on this. I haven't seen a dev say that they can't grasp all that the system can do yet on the PS4, only call it very powerful and easy to work with.

Why is everyone complaining? I dunno. I can't speak for them. The comment from the article sounds like PR spin to me, and I don't personally want to accuse MS of paying for it because I do have some respect for the publication. I just question their reasons for finding it revolutionary and evolutionary.

finbars752742d ago

How can it in the top 10 breakthrough when it doesnt offer any more but less then the PS4.Im not bashing it but it seems alittle fishy dont you think?Plus the console isnt even out yet and have they even had the console running on its own yet?I do think that yeah MS has there hands in the wallet in this one.Because yes either you like to admit or not there really hasnt been any good news about the Xboxone since it was first introduced months ago.Its easy to be skeptical about something like this after all the negativity.

badboy7762742d ago

Microsft $$$$$$$$$$$$

just like edge magazine top 10 consoles

3-4-52742d ago

Breakthrough of what?

They didn't even breakthrough their own BS.....internally.

Pogmathoin2742d ago

I think this is about innovation. PS4 is really powerful..... 2 different beasts. Which I guess to the many trolls and fanboys, is all bullshit. Now, however if the title said PS4, it would be a very respectful magazine......

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Ashes2Ashes2743d ago

As you alluded to they are a hugely popular and long standing publication that can't be "bought". Though I would assume many will still believe Microsoft paid them for this.

johndoe112112742d ago

Are you out of your freaking mind??? There isn't a bloody publication in this world that can't be bought. What planet are you living on?

The xbox is getting it's ass handed to it by the ps4 and their pr campaign has been a total and utter disaster from day one. The negativity surrounding the xone is almost unheard of since the dawn of consoles and somehow it's being advertised as the best thing since slice bread buy stores and magazines? You cannot be that gullible.

I'm not saying that microsoft did pay them off, I don't know and i don't care, but to say they cannot be bought is way more absurd than thinking they were paid off.

jessupj2742d ago

You're an absolute fool if you think just because this publication is prestigious they're not going to accept money from MS.

In the words of many a MS apologist on this site, they're a business and need to make money and don't care about you, the customer.

HighResHero2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

lol @ "can't be bought" and "hugely popular".

KrisButtar2743d ago

Popular Mechanics is right IMO. XB1 is in the top ten because the Kinect 2.0 is a leap technologically over its previous model. People may not like it, it may not successful but that doesn't stop it from being an improvement over the last model.

ThatCanadianGuy5142742d ago

And yet, they have zero games at launch to prove why it's needed.

Never even seen a single kinect game that made me say "wow"

UncleGermrod2742d ago

While I mostly agree, no one really cares if you said "wow" or not. No offense, but the magazine was likely acknowledging the tech, not the software that may or may not exist. Even just the TV features and Kinect sports are enough to at least garner some respect for the technology itself

ThatCanadianGuy5142742d ago

But it's not JUST me.Nobody, apart from the diehard fanboys who would seemingly take a bullet for a microsoft rep can honestly say there is a single AAA kinect game.

KrisButtar2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )


It could have zero games during its whole entire lifespan and that wouldn't change the fact that the tech behind the Kinect is an improvement over the last. Which is why its ranked 9th by Popular Mechanics which is a tech magazine not a games magazine.

Edit: I dislike motion gaming, I don't think gaming should ever focus on it again but that doesn't change the fact motion gaming was revolutionary.


The kinect does a lot more than play games.

amiga-man2742d ago

Yes it will switch on your console for you I have a button on my controller that does the same thing, M$ is using the Kinect as a marketing tool monitoring your reactions to advertising then selling the data it's all about money with M$ one day people will wake up to it.

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jessupj2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

That's the thing though, like you just said, "it's an improvement". It's nothing revolutionary, it's merely an upgrade from it's predecessor. And it certainly isn't a "breakthrough", let along to considered anywhere near the top ten technical breakthroughs of the year.

It's fine if you like kinect, but IMO it's just an improvement over the first camera, nothing more.

Having said that, MS hasn't really showcased it and all it's features yet, so they could still impress me.

KrisButtar2742d ago


"That's the thing though, like you just said, "it's an improvement". It's nothing revolutionary, it's merely an upgrade from it's predecessor. And it certainly isn't a "breakthrough", let along to considered anywhere near the top ten technical breakthroughs of the year."

Did you look at the rest of the list? As what you said there could apply to a few others on the list

#4 The Seiki 50-Inch 4K TV #7 Boosted Boards Longboard, #8 BMW i3

Those are all just improvements of the original

Motion gaming was revolutionary(Wiimote, Move, Kinect) and the Kinect 2.0 is an improvement/upgrade from that revolution.

zhuk is god2742d ago

At least there are one Smart people here, you're right, you fuc..g right......Kinect it's a powerful reason for give some credits to MS, only for that they deserve all awards, the tech inside its really wonderful and if the sony's sheeps can't see, it's not our problem.

christocolus2742d ago

i really dont know what fanboys are complaining about...nothing good comes to the xbx without ms paying for it..but if it was the ps4 in that list we all know what we would be hearing...i personally im hyped for kinect..the tech in that device is groundbreaking and im glad its in the box..soon great aa devs will begin to show us what it can really do..dr3 , d4 and kinect sports aint even scratching the surface research is working on some concepts and so are shinji, hideo k and other great talents...

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