15 Predictions for the Future of the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U

CraveOnline writes: "The Xbox One and PS4 are mere weeks away from being released, and the Wii U is trying to fight its way back into the race with the release of some of its heaviest hitters in the next few months, so it's high time I threw down the gauntlet and made some bold predictions about where I think the future of consoles is heading."

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ftwrthtx1833d ago

The only thing you didn't touch on was the free-to-play model. Along with online only games, I think studios and publishers are going to be heavily attacking that area with micro-transactions everywhere.

Lalanana1833d ago


Xbox Fitness will "unfortunately" be a huge hit

i gotta love this troll writers.

UltimateMaster1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

=>My Response

1-PlayStation 4 will trounce the Xbox One across holiday period


2-Nintendo will sell cheaper Wii U bundles without the GamePad

=>Not gonna happen. It'll be pointless to do so since that's what gives value to the Wii U.

If anything, they should sell a stand-alone Wii U game pad with better battery.
But the best option would be to:
A-Make a Wii U with at least 250Gb of HDD and
B-Make purchases lock to your account instead of console.

3-Microsoft will win ground back from Sony in the long run.

=>Now that's some good drugs you got there.
Nobody can predict that far either way.
But so far, I don't see it.

4-The Titanfall series will dethrone Call of Duty

=>COD will be dethrone by everything else. Period.

5-Bayonetta 2 will flop

=>Nope, it's not DMC.

6-Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. U will turn around the Wii U's fortunes.

=>Mario always collected coins for Nintendo.

7-Quantic Dream will start developing for Xbox One

=>What's the name of that drug again?

8-Xbox Fitness will (unfortunately) be a huge hit

=>Yeah, cuz given the choice, people will most likely buy an Xbox One, to then buy the fitness game for a total of 560$ to watch somebody telling them what exercises to do, when they could have gotten a home gym equipment for much less than that.
or more complete:
Others from 125$ to 250$.
And then you build some REAL Muscle, not some thin air exercises, you can do that by watching any workout DVDs for 10$.

UltimateMaster1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

9-PlayStation Plus will offer up top PS3 titles for free

=>Well Uncharted 3 is already there, so yeah, without a doubt.

10-Rare will bring back a few of their most popular series as Kinect games

=>What a waste of good talent. :c

11-The PS4 will revive the Vita

=>Most likely the Vita TV will help a lot in that regard, but I don't see it surpassing the 3DS.

12-We'll get a great Wii U Pokemon game, but it won't be the RPG we're all hoping for

=>Having disappointments by an non-existent game?
That's a new one for me. Those Drugs, are they narcotics? .

13-The PlayStation Eye will become completely obsolete

=>Because nobody uses live chat nor their faces, right? Nobody is gonna use it for stuff like voice commands, facial recognition, record videos. Nobody's gonna want to use the dual Augmented Reality camera nor give better controller support for it since Nobody wants it.
If that's true, you might as well say the Xbox One is doomed by bundling the kinect since nobody has any interest in it.
And if it were sold separately, it would just collect dust on store shelves.
Come on, we all know it isn't true.

14-Downloadable multiplayer-only titles will become the next big thing

=>A lot of games that weren't COD and made a huge success with their single-player. Uncharted, Gears of War, Skyrim, you name it.
Online will be a huge thing, but it won't make single player games disappear.

15-The Kinect will win over the casual crowd and be fundamental to Xbox One's success

=>Not a single casual gamer is willing to even spend more than 300$ on a console, let alone 500$ for something that they will play for 15 minutes and then not touch it for months afterwards. Let alone the fact that it collected dust the first time around with the 360.

Beastforlifenoob1833d ago

i friking hate micro transactions. I want to petition free2play/microtransaction based games.

acharlez1833d ago

Great predictions. Where did you find that crystal ball? I want one!

awesomeabe19981833d ago

Half of his predictions wont come true. Nintendo will never sell Wii U without the gamepad because that is the best part of their console. Bayonetta 2 will not flop but they wont do amazing. MS will not bring casual market with kinect. The casual market are too busy with smartphones and touch screens.

JonnyBigBoss1833d ago

So you just made predictions of your own. Good job? :)

blackmanone1833d ago

Johnny, are you the only one allowed to throw out predication? Cause Awesomeabe's make a lot more sense than yours.

WeaseL1833d ago

My prediction is if you break your Kinect you will have to buy a new console.

JonnyBigBoss1833d ago

"Xbox explode."

"Oh WTF I didn't think it'd work!"

TechMech21833d ago

Kinect isn't manditory anymore

WeaseL1833d ago

Yes I know that but if you ever need to replace it what do you do?

TechMech21833d ago

Buy one on eBay. I'm sure many people will sell theirs.

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