Assault Android Cactus Interview: Weapons, Number of Levels, No Xbox One Version And More

"Love it or hate it. There is no denying that indie games development is on the rise and with Sony inviting indie developers with open arms on the PS4 it is now bigger than ever. One such indie game that is making its move to the PS4 along with a host of other gaming platforms is Witch Beam's Assault Android Cactus."

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stuna11831d ago

Love it or hate it, Ps4 is definitely getting a plethora of games! Regardless if they are indies or not.

thrust1831d ago

Indie games yes! No thank you!

I buy them for my phone or ipad for Time killing on the bus or train, when at home I want full proper games!

strickers1830d ago

Pathetic. Go back to listening to Justin Bieber.

TechMech21831d ago

If Xbox was the system with more indie games, ps fanboys would rip on Xbox.

lodossrage1830d ago

You mean the same way xbox fanboys do to the PS4 getting so many indie games now?

Come on man....

TechMech21830d ago

Yes. Exactly like that. Fanboys are fanboys, and will do the same thing for both sides.