OtakuDome: Battlefield 4 Beta Thoughts

Otaku Dome's Battlefield 4 Beta Thoughts:

Today on Otaku Dome we will be sharing our initial thoughts on Battlefield 4 from our play through of the online beta. We will be using the different perspectives of different staff including myself. Read on below to check out our thoughts.

Victor: A few days ago I played the Battlefield 4 beta, it wasn’t that bad honestly. I’m not much of an FPS person, and I don’t recall playing very much of BF3, though admittedly as soon as I bought the game, the first thing I did was jump into multiplayer instead of campaign, which is rare for me to do with any game, especially an FPS.

Cory: I haven’t been able to play a multiplayer fps since Modern Warfare 2, I tried battlefield 3 but could never get hooked. Battlefield 4 from the little I have seen so far has improved the system a lot from previous titles. Making the battle so epic, That skyscrapers are falling all around you. Aside from random lag, and a few balancing issues with the weapons I had a blast in it.

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