Reliving the brilliance of Steve Ogg's Trevor from 'GTA 5'

If you have a pulse, you have heard of Grand Theft Auto, and if you have a brain, you own GTA 5. If you own GTA 5, you have the informed perspective of who the insane, rational, maniacal and plotting character known as Trevor Phillips is.

Rockstar Games delivered us one of the most unique, innovative and terrifying characters in Trevor Phillips and he is one that takes the phrase "pushing the limit" and stomps its head in, in the middle of a desert.

The man who brought this person to life is Steve Ogg and Examiner had some time to speak with him about Trevor, the aspects of the role that were improv, the type of leeway he was given by Rockstar, preparing for the character and many other interesting GTA 5 topics.

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Agent20091835d ago

Love the first sentence.

fattyuk1835d ago

I don't think any other character in any game ever made has made me laugh as much as Trevor

Whitefox7891835d ago

Guess I don't have a brain :D

Wni01835d ago

"If you have a brain," Enlighten me... at which part while playing GTA V did you actually have to think? You dont need a brain while playing gta, you follow directions, shoot shit and repeat.