Silent Hill: Shattered Memories dev working on two PS4 games, one Xbox One title

Climax Studios, the studio behind 2009's critical hit Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, is developing two PS4 titles and one Xbox One game, CEO Simon Gardner has revealed.

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ZHZ901886d ago

2 PS4 Games and 1 Xbone game, intersted to know what bthey are and/or see gameplay.

Lboogieskells1886d ago

Another exclusive for the PS4? I'm so ready for next gen.

Eonjay1886d ago

Investing in PS4 is like getting more and paying less.

Skate-AK1886d ago

Actually if it gets more games you are paying more for said games. So investing in PS4 is like getting a lot and paying more for all the good games.

MotoDot1886d ago

Sony need to calm the fuck down with the exclusives , i can't take it anymore, it's way too much T_T

Big_B0SS1886d ago

What makes you think that this is Sony that wanted to make the games exclusives and not Konami?

NatureOfLogic1886d ago

PS4 seems to be most devs primary console of choice. PS4 really is turning out to be the next PS2 which really sucks for Xbone.

Golden_Mud1886d ago

Believe me , it won't be the next PS2 , first thing America will be having Xbox One more , Australia also and count UK in , given to that the Xbox One and the PS4 are gonna sell equally

CGI-Quality1886d ago

We already know most of EU prefers Sony, Japan isn't worth mentioning for Xbox, and America, already - based on pre-orders, looks like a bit of a PS4 win. If it remains, even remotely, close in the Xbox's biggest territory, the total numbers will not be equal at all.

Golden_Mud1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

First of all , I didn't talk about Europe and Japan . Second , I think only hardcore gamers pre-order the console , the parents will buy their children what they need and most children know that Call of Duty have DLC coming first for the Xbox One , we all know that 93% of the pre orders are from hardcore gamers so don't count yet the parents , third , i mentioned UK and Australia cause they're the one favoring the Xbox One right now

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The story is too old to be commented.