This Man Designed The PlayStation 4

Tetsu Sumii would in most circumstances be a man you'd never hear of. So it's nice that Sony have given him a shout-out on the PlayStation blog. Why? Because he designed the PlayStation 4.

Not the guts, of course, but he is the main man responsible for its appearance. You know, the box that so annoyed everyone when it didn't turn up to its own unveiling back in February.

Saying that his original idea was "totally different" to the box we've got now, he adds that the driving force behind the PS4's design was simplicty.

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Majin-vegeta3405d ago

And this man is buying one =)

Tooly3405d ago

he deserves an award....tears*

chrissx3405d ago

His hands were blessed by the gaming gods.

arronax-13405d ago

Um...guys, we knew this since E3. He was on stage and everything.

DeadManIV3405d ago

Why the disagrees? You're right.

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