Heres Why Open GL and Not Direct X is the API of Choice of the Future

Open GL is the API of the Future (and Valve Agrees) and AAA games. Not only its better, faster and smoother than Direct X, but its basically Open Source as well. Further proof and Benches given.

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ADodoBird1926d ago

Rage was seriously underrated...

limewax1926d ago

Really? I won't try and fight your opinion but I do not look back on it fondly. Personally I found the characters boring and the story short and uninspired.

Not to mention since it was being marketed as a semi-rpg I really expected it to be the true beginning of the game but instead the credits rolled.

Good gunplay but that's all I could find to like about it after finishing the game.

Ohlmay1926d ago

I'd love to see Mantle API become the gaming standard, it allows console level optimization for PC's. Microsoft has been really slacking when it comes Direct X, they've been getting lazier because Direct X is essentially a monopoly due to every developer using it over OpenGL. I hope Steam's push for SteamOS and OpenGL is successful for gaming's sake.

codelyoko1926d ago

Couldnt agree more, though i am a bit hesitant with Mantle. AMD isnt exactly known for flawless drivers.

Ohlmay1926d ago

True, AMD are pretty bad when it comes to drivers but I have heard that NVIDIA are making their own API as well that will compete with Mantle, so I'm more optimistic for that than Mantle.

NarooN1926d ago

Mantle isn't video card drivers though, and to be honest AMD's drivers have been great in recent times. Mantle is an API that -- if adopted by more and more people -- will be the go-to API for PC gaming.

OpenGL is awesome and I've been championing it for years, I'd just love for the industry to finally move away from MS's bloated Direct3D nonsense.

Fishy Fingers1926d ago

I'd like to see done actual Mantle benchmarks to back it up. So far all we have is what we've read on the Internet and history has shown, you can't always believe what you read.

But as a PC gamer at heart, I hope it can deliver on its claims.

4logpc1926d ago

Sorry but keep dreaming. I admit I wish Open GL was the future, but Microsoft will never let that happen.

codelyoko1926d ago

Yes, monopolies suck :P Still did you see the Rage bench? so effin smooth fps. Doubt you will see anything like that on Direct X.

4logpc1926d ago

Rage is one of my favorite games from this gen. Im a huge Id Fanboy.

Direct X is a great API, its just Open GL is easier. The things Crytek are doing with Ryse proves that Direct X can push some seriously amazing visuals.

Whitey2k1926d ago


Rage is goodlooking game and so would Ryse i agree that opengl is easier and u do get fantatic visuals from Directx but with opengl being open it can push more graphically then directx

DeadManIV1926d ago

Everyone dies, my friend. Even the giants.

smoothop1926d ago

What a biased and complete garbage article with nothing to back it up. Direct X has been a lot better for some years now and will continue to be better, are people honestly going to believe this garbage that Gabe and haters throws out.

Do some proper research people and look at what the latest Direct X offers over the competition. John Carmack even states that Direct X is better.

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