Steve Ogg explains his experience with the torture scene from 'GTA 5'

GTA 5 is without a doubt going to go down as one of the most successful forms of media in history, and there are many reasons behind why this will be the case. Mostly though, we will remember this game for the unique, intense experiences it provided us from start to finish.

In an exclusive interview with Steve Ogg, who is the man behind GTA 5's Trevor, we discussed the torture scene from GTA 5 and wanted to see what thoughts and things he remembered from doing the motion capture for it.

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showtimefolks1884d ago

People just make a big issue out of everything, that scene while gruesome fit into the GTA universe and what the characters were doing and being forced to do because of their past

Trevor's character did a lot of screwed up things so torture scene wasn't an issue for me personally

It's like when Adam sesslar complained about bros before hoes trophy in god of war

Timesplitter141884d ago

I think the bros before hoes complaints were justified but this right here is just ridiculous. It's like we're still in the god damn middle ages.

Lord_Sloth1884d ago

I found it fairly tame as a whole honestly. I don't get the big deal, especially while movies like Hostel exist.

franko1884d ago

I've seen far worse scenes in other games...

Timesplitter141884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

people are just looking for stuff to whine and write about

Avernus1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

The problem I think for some people is that they were forced to do it. There was no "press circle to skip" button. Being an open world (kinda) game, this might have come across as being pushed on people rather than giving them a choice. Some people would have liked to torture the guy, while others had a problem with it.

I didn't care. I thought it fitted the story and character.

lpking20051884d ago

The scene was pretty tame if you ask me. I was expecting something quite brutal with all the things i heard about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.