Poop Cleanin' And Whip Pimpin' - GTA V iFruit Companion App Preview - Twinfinite

Devoun from Twinfinite writes: You get a companion app, and you get a companion app! You in the back? You get a companion app! Everyone gets an companion app! Game studios have been releasing companion apps at a lively pace recently, and I'm not necessarily sure I like it. They seem to think I want to play their games when I'm not in my comfortable chair with light from my TV glowing on my face. If they cared to hear my opinion, I'd tell them no one wants it in several languages, but they didn't, and the game industry continues with its antics. The studio that usually bucks trends and does their own thing, Rockstar, jumps on the companion app bandwagon with their iFruit app that coincided with the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

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fattyuk1833d ago

I use ifruit whilst I'm sat on the toilet.

It's quite useful.

BattleTorn1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

And a semi-related note, did you know you get RP in GTA:Online for singing, into your mic, while your character is in his/her shower?

I use the app all the time. I browse my garage from work.