Developing LostWinds - Frontier's David Braben speaks with IGN

David Braben is an industry legend whose first work, Elite, was created more than two decades ago and remains a fan favorite today. Currently, the programming guru spends his time as head of UK-based company Frontier, which is working on an ambitious story-driven game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But the 160-person studio has also been underway with a stunning WiiWare game, LostWinds, which IGN had the chance to play at Nintendo's Media Summit in San Francisco last week. IGN loved it and it's quickly become one of their most anticipated projects. IGN caught up with Braben from the event, where he was kind enough to answer some of IGN's questions about LostWinds and about Wii development.

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cooke153859d ago

For a Wiiware game this is quite stunning. Cant wait!

PS360WII3859d ago

Yes I'll be picking this up when WiiWare is launched ^^