Battlefield 4 PC Beta Receives Third Patch, Fixes Crash And Dual Core Performance Issues

DICE and EA has just rolled out a third patch for on-going Battlefield 4 beta on PC. To download this latest update, Re-log Origin.

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venom061833d ago

awesome sign to see DICE supporting BF4 so much and this is just in the BETA stage.. hopefully this same support will continue after launch..

Mikeyy1833d ago

Wish the console versions would get a patch. We've got none.

Shakes1833d ago

I was just going to say the same thing. I play on xbox and I do realize its a beta for testing but the game really runs badly. I dont know if its lag or that our precious 30 frames per second are dwindling down to 15 but its not good, especially after the skyscraper falls. I hope we dont get levolution lag on every map.

Hufandpuf1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

I don't think EA wants to pay money to patch a beta. MS and Sony charge money while PC patches are free.

NaAsAr1833d ago

still random crashes for me. sometimes it will play for a couple of hours. then sometimes it just crashes after like 5 minutes. overall, its just still battlefield ......

Dante811833d ago

It's running great on Windows 8.1