Current-Gen holds the Key in the Xbox vs PlayStation Battle

Gamasutra: As all heads turn to the (pre-)sales of the upcoming nextgen consoles, Xbox One and PS4, the broader strategy of both PlayStation and Microsoft is easily overlooked. Continued use and sales of the current gen consoles Xbox360 and PS3 and their games could determine who comes out the overall winner. There are several reasons why Microsoft, deliberate or not, could well outperform Sony in the holiday season and the quarters to follow, despite lagging behind in the next-gen pre-sales charts.

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kazuma9991836d ago

Everyone preferred Microsoft this gen and now look at it, Sony is the clear winner this gen.

GrizzliS19871836d ago

by everyone, you mean the 2 million less fans then of those who bought a ps3 everyone?

zerocrossing1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I'm pretty sure I'm in the demographic of "everyone" and I personally preferred Sony.

The thing is the Xbox brand will always win American hearts because MS is an American company, it's simple patriotism.

Foxhound9221836d ago

Yet hardware and software preorders for the ps4 are trouncing the xbox. Just because it did well in America last gen does not mean it will this gen. Also your logic doesn't make sense because the original Xbox did poorly in America as well.

FamilyGuy1836d ago

It has nothing to do with patriotism and has EVERYTHING to do with price and availability. The 360 came out a year ahead and was always cheaper to buy. People in the U.S. pretty much always go for the less expensive item and the one their friends have. This is the only reason 360 got big in the U.S.
Even Sony knows this and describes the U.S. market "price sensitive".

PS4 will dominate and it won't have bloated numbers thanks to some massive amount of dead console repurchases the way the 360 did.

MasterCornholio1836d ago

The Xbox 360 was the hardcore gamers choice in the beginning of the gen with fantastic exclusives like Bioshock, Condemned and Mass Effect then Kinect happened. From that point onwards the PS4 became my console of choice especially with the improvements that they made with plus over the last few years.

Nexus 7 2013

nypifisel1836d ago

This is pretty much it! And it's why the Xbox One is so insulting.

strigoi8141836d ago

so this means Sony all the way?

chrissx1836d ago

If current gen holds the key, then Ps4 is winning next gen again. As usual.

NatureOfLogic1836d ago

I've heard every single spin possible since Xbone reveal. I'm really looking forward to the less sells spin. I find it entertaining how Xbox fans and shills are scrambling desperately.

Polysix1836d ago


but other than that, I agree!

NatureOfLogic1836d ago

Thanks for the correction lol. I get sells and sales mixed up more than their and there lol.

Jaqen_Hghar1836d ago

Except that PS3 pulled ahead this year and has outsold 360 every year on market other than 08 and 11. PS3 has sold at a faster pace ever since it came out and at a higher price no less. Also it sold more when its online was a mess and it was $200 more. It's outsold 360 by almost 2m this year alone. It actually has had good exclusives all year (LoU, Sly, Ninokuni, GoW, Beyond, Puppeteer, Rain, Ratchet, GT6, KH HD) while Xbox has had...Gears? A man sees Sony dominating legacy sales again as they always do (see PS1 and PS2)