Build Your Own MAME Machine

Since the creation of MAME, fans of classic arcade games can revisit their favorites without going on a mad cross-country tour for surviving old-school arcades. Sure, you can just run emulators and ROMs on your PC, but there's no comparison to standing in front of a real-deal cabinet. Wouldn't you rather have your own arcade machine that can play over 3,500 of your favorite arcade hits? Think of the accolades you'll receive from friends as they wander through menu after menu of golden oldies like Scramble and Zaxxon. But how do you put together your own coin-op classic machine? Let IGN point you in the right directions.

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SirFenwick3860d ago

Once I move out... Next month or so... I'll be building my own and posting my injuries on my blog.

BIoodmask3860d ago

You can use any cabinet, and even an older PC. The only thing I never got was the twist top SNK joystick for games like Ikari Warriors.

It is just as easy to run the games on your PC though. Plus a lot more comfortable. What I do now is just run the emulator to my HDTV with the audio and video out jacks. It's even better IMO.

SirFenwick3860d ago

Thats how I have it now too. I have my laptop hooked up to my tv also, but nothing on the audio side yet. But I've always wanted a upright cabinet too and this would be nice in my game room and for my friends when they want to play without hogging up my TV.

BIoodmask3860d ago

is get a sound card with audio out jacks. I only have a desktop so I am not sure if they have them for laptops, most likely I would imagine.

The nicest thing about MAME is how you can map all of the buttons and inputs to a controller.

SirFenwick3860d ago

Yeah, I have a wireless Logitech controller hooked up. I play MAME, SNES, NES and others through my laptop and all that fun stuff. I've tried looking for audio jacks but I couldn't find anything, but that was a couple years ago. I'll have to look again.

Ri0tSquad3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I went back to MAME because I couldn't use my arcade stick with my 360. Still saving up for a custom arcade stick specifically designed for UMK3 for my 360 but until I get it I still play UMK3 on MAME.

Does anyone here use Kaillera? I use to play UMK3 online with MAME using Kaillera. Unlike the 360's version of UMK3 online you could play 2 vs 2 online.

I always wanted my own MAME Machine. I have seen some awesome cabinets on youtube.

BIoodmask3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

is actually a pain. Because when you have to update MAME version you have to run USB from you PC and upload files to the cabinet HDD. MAME is always coming out with new versions and new games with different drivers. So lots of old ROMS become incompatible with newest vesion of MAME.

One thing about MAME though is most games are exact arcade conversions. The only bad thing about MAME is that it uses the CPU for most things so certain games run really slow like Tekken. Other emulators like Zinc use the GPU mostly.

SaiyanFury3860d ago

I play MAME on my very graphically capable PC. Most of the old classics work just fine and I can play them with a PC controller and work just fine. I have no desire to build a cabinet.