GS News - Students forced to make PS4s; naming Pokémon makes devs cry?

GS News - Students forced to make PS4s; naming Pokémon makes devs cry?

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LostDjinn1834d ago

Check this out for a smear: 2:25

"was Sony saying "ahh they're probably fine" when approached for comment on their forced labor operation. I'm sorry, I mean their internship" - Hahaha.

None of this is true. It's completely false. WTF?!

Lalanana1834d ago

I hope this is not true. Some people will not support sony if this is the case.

LostDjinn1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Foxconn already confirmed it.
Sony knew nothing. Hell, foxconn said they were unaware of what was going on and have fixed it. The funny thing is that some "people" are holding on as tight as they can to this. It really is quite disturbing.

Edit: Check the link below you. There are also more articles on this site that'll provide clarification.

WeaseL1834d ago

Get the real news without pointing fingers

Foxconn admits labour violation at China factory

mrpsychoticstalker1834d ago

I will never support a company that promotes forced labour, no matter where it is located.

LostDjinn1834d ago

It's a fresh multi account. What are you doin' even replying Majin? This is what certain "victims" have resorted to. You'll find loads of them of late.

zippycup1834d ago

lol so no Sony Microsoft apple for you then hell any company that outsources period

what makes me mad is that this has been happening for years

but of course the news sites or blogs don't talk about it unless its a big company

because if it was just some 2bit company it wouldn't be worth the trouble to report about it

Majin-vegeta1834d ago

He might as well throw all his clothes,electronics etc...cuz believe it or not they were all made in sweatshops.

BX811834d ago

I agree zippycup. Why bring it up now?

Btw /s incase u didnt pick that up.

PFFT1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Sony Sony Sony SMH

TheOneEyedHound1834d ago

Not my problem, but thank for building my Ps4.

jaykayway1834d ago

Only honest, unbiased comment on here, play on !

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