Review: Shelter (DarkZero)

"Shelter is in an Indie game that was recently released on Steam Greenlight and was developed by the same team that brought us Pid. The idea behind Shelter is to experience life as a mother badger who must fend for her cubs, protecting and nurturing them as they make their journey to new lands, presumably to find others of their kind as badgers are usually sociable creatures. On their pilgrimage they  must overcome daunting birds of prey, the hunt for food and the brutal environments that must be crossed. The point is to give you that feeling of over-protectiveness and to experience loss, just like how a mother badger in the wild would. It’s to show how brutal the real world can be and why it’s necessary, the circle of life if that’s not too cliché. Shelter does manage to get this point across but it tries maybe a bit too hard."

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