Assassin's Creed V may be set in Egypt?

Ashraf Ismail has mentioned that he would like to see the next intalment of Assassin's Creed series to be set in Egypt. Here there is a list of the arts that describes an Egyptian assassin.

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vishmarx1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

anything but civil wars.
also maybe china/india for 6 then?
theyve got plenty of cultural history to mess around with

AliTheSnake11927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I can't wait for the time they do Victorian England! Jack the ripper,Mary Ann Cotton,Oliver Twist.
Hopefully with a new next gen engine.
Imagine roaming the city on a stormy night.

phantomexe1928d ago

Egypt would be cool but i find it funny how Ashraf Ismail only said it be a cool place to go. Just seems like web sites are running with it too much when all he said was it be a cool place to go. I'm expexting a web site to say confirmed here soon or take what he said out of context just for hits.

snitch_puck1928d ago

the assumption here is too much. He "would like" .. that does not mean it "may be set" on Egypt. Anyhow I'm not against the concept of an egyptian assassin. It would be nice to have a Japanese setting, however.

GrumpyOla1928d ago

Japanese setting would work. Especially during the time the European trade ships starting arriving. A more ambitions setting would be to follow the route of Marco Polo, but that would require to build alot of cities I guess (maybe this is better suited for Uncharted series that AC).

Crossbones1928d ago

Ahhh!! I was hoping for a Japan setting.

Zizi1928d ago

Honestly, I do not care. I've been a fan of Ezio's trilogy. I don't find Connor Kenway to be an interesting character. Dunno, I did not play ACIII until the end.

Pardon my opinion if I insulted any fans of the franchise.

Ced2141928d ago

I completely understand you. Ezio was very cool, charming and interesting. Connor, not so much.

I'd rather hear "va bene" than "where is charles lee?" all day.

vork771928d ago

atleast edward kenway is just like ezio

GrumpyOla1928d ago

Though I agree with you on Ezio being a more interesting character than Conner but an assassin should not be flamboyant because that would attract unnecessary attention to him/her.
Bubbles to you for having an interesting and polit comment, qualitites hard to come by on this site.

Infamous2981928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I want them to get back to Altair. I want them to start the story when he is training to become an assassin

FullmetalRoyale1927d ago

Connor's biggest problem is that he didn't say "Cloudia" even once.

Lol sorry that is a running joke between a buddy and me. Anytime we hear or see the name Claudia.

OT: I am glad that they went with the pirate setting sooner, rather than later.

I know a lot of people really want the Japan setting. And while I too would enjoy that, there really are some good games out there with ninjas and samurai, ect.

I personally have never played a great pirate game. I would really like to see an AC game set in most iconic times/regions.

Feudal Japan, Victorian London, present-time/future setting all sound good to me.

Zizi1925d ago

I'd rather see Victorian London setting than pirates era.

And I guess future setting would make a nice place to start if the gameplay is good.

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The story is too old to be commented.