Valve is the champion PC gaming deserves

Taking the fight to the living room - Valve's Steam is the most dynamic force in PC gaming in decades

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cyguration1834d ago

Really? Why wouldn't PC gamers need a company who cares about them, offers them great deals and has great service?

SilentNegotiator1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It's a Dark Knight reference. An obvious one that had to be said by someone. Calm down.

DeadManIV1833d ago

Have you seen what Windows does to gaming?? Also, because of Windows, Devs use DirectX instead of the better and faster: OpenGL. SteamOS is f****ing great for PC gamers - we get more moneys worth for our hardware, because games will run better on SteamOS.

1833d ago
BabyTownFrolics1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

do we come here to discuss gaming news or do we come here to fight fanboy fights, succumb to flamebait, and/or circle jerk?

Valve is a great company, but they cant teach people how to build and manage their computers. Consoles have their place, so I don't see the need to start a competition between the "steambox" and consoles.

Klonopin1833d ago

They're not trying to teach people how to build or manage their computers, people can still build a high-end PC and play on that if they want. The Steambox is only an alternative for people who prefer to use a gamepad. Having more options never hurt anyone.

Somebody1833d ago

So I guess MS is a master of console when it first rolled out the X Box after years of experience in...oh, wait...MS was just some software maker before it got into console gaming. Their first console even has a huge controller that required a full revision.

Competition between consoles and Steambox is unavoidable and necessary although it might get ugly at times(mostly between fan boys). The consoles won't be this advanced if they weren't any competition between the consoles themselves.

Roccetarius1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Ugh, as much as people love Valve, i hate that PC gaming has a ''Champion''. -.-

Steam pretty much has a stranglehold on PC gaming, except for a few other competing sites.

DeadManIV1833d ago

Steam is awesome, why is it bad that it domninates the PC gaming scene?

Klonopin1833d ago

It's a bad thing for all the deadbeats that pirate PC games.

iamgoatman1833d ago


Hardly. Steam games are just as easy to pirate as any other PC game with DRM.

Jovanian 1833d ago

Well thats a good thing. If other digital distribution services want to survive, they gotta be better than valve. And certainly I have seen very admirable digital distributors like green man gaming and GOG, and they both have as great of deals if not greater than some of the steam deals

Origin isn't THAT bad but its got a very limited library

TXIDarkAvenger1833d ago

Oh Valve is great? Thanks for telling us.