Grand Theft Auto Online: Half a Million GTA$ Stimulus Package this Month


Given some of the recent technical issues during these first days of GTA Online, and now that things are starting to look much smoother (touch wood!), we are planning to provide a special stimulus package for all who have played or will play Grand Theft Auto Online this month. We will be dropping a cool half a million GTA$ in the GTA Online bank accounts of all players this month, starting as early as next week.

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Blacktric1835d ago

Because the game is a mess in terms of cash earning balance and they f'd it up even further by nerfing certain mission payouts and removing the ability to replay them.

dazzrazz1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Oh yeah like it was balanced when people were farming 10k every 3-5 minutes replaying the same fucking mission over and over for days

Baka-akaB1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

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Baka-akaB1835d ago

Yeah it's pretty easy to win money actually . It's a gesture for the growing pain and stability issues with connections and player being erased .

XB1_PS41835d ago

@dazzrazz There was a mission called rooftop rumble that gave you 25k every 30 seconds.

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I want them to remove or lower the financial penalties of dying. To lose at least $1000 every time you die, even if all your money is in the bank, is ridiculous. Especially when you're lower rank and mission payouts are $1000 max and un-replayable.

Saints941835d ago

I am in the same boat, until around level 24 when you get "A Titan of a Job" it's annoying how we lose our payout in one death.

Luckily, being level 75 gives me a lot of jobs that compensate well.

mhunterjr1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

You need to except mission invited from folks in your lobby or higher ranked friends. Participate in a couple races, and you'll be out of the hole in no time.

MrBeatdown1834d ago

I kind of like the penalties, in the sense that you can't just go nuts. People have to weigh the risk of hunting bounties, or just driving around killing people, since they could be killed themselves.

Maybe they should scale it, and charge more if you're being more aggressive, so the player minding his own business pays less than the guy shooting everyone.

3-4-51834d ago

So once I get all this cash and buy stuff, what else is there to do then ?

It's getting kind of boring now.

bigtrucknd1835d ago

Oh yeah buying me a fancy condo.

Saints941835d ago

Don't buy the most expensive. It's not worth it. All the high end apartments look the same.

HammadTheBeast1835d ago

It's about the location though. In the Heart of Los Santos.


Septic1835d ago

So much for conspiracy theories surrounding Rockstar wanting players to buy in-game cash.

Adexus1835d ago

They aren't "conspiracy theories" those money packs exist, they have just been temporarily disabled while the servers get back up to speed.

Septic1835d ago

I'm alluding to posts from people stating that Rockstar have placed harsh penalties for getting killed and losing large amounts of money is to get people to buy their cash packs. Now with players getting £500k, you could get the more expensive stuff straight away and enjoy earning more cash to further customise other elements of the game.

mhunterjr1835d ago

The fact that these packs exist doesn't mean there is a conspiracy. It's really not that hard to earn money the old fashioned way, and even with the cash, you still have to play to unlock the items you want to purchase.

If folks want to use real money they can, but there really is no game breaking benefit to doing so.

Adexus1835d ago

Ohhhhhhh, I see what you mean now, my mistake.

CuddlyREDRUM1835d ago

I hope you are sarcastic.

Mikelarry1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

put that in my real world account R* then we have a deal :)

Dugstar1835d ago

On the grand scale of things this is a great good will gesture..

You wouldn't see the likes of Activision or EA doing this... ever.

CuddlyREDRUM1835d ago

When is the last time even EA or Activision release a broken online after retail launch to fool customers happened?

Dugstar1835d ago

that's fair dos... but when you look at what Rockstar are trying to achieve there will be problems seeing as the game is ridiculously big even for online.

But as far goodwill gestures go its great and there will always be a butthurt minority who don't see it like that .

Spinal1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Sim city.

Edit: what's worse is the fact that people play this game mostly for Singleplayer an couldn't play properly for like a month. Imagine buying a game not to be able to play it for weeks on end.

Audiggity1834d ago

Agreed. SimCity was botched and had a tiny fraction of the player volume...

Plus, devil's advocate in response to EA/Activision... when's the last time they released a game that used a significantly updated engine? Particularly the MP/Net code?

I think it was SimCity! Haha. Everything else from those two organizations has been heavily recycled.

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