Masuda: I usually think 'this could be my last Pokemon game'

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has said that when he finishes developing a Pokemon game, he usually thinks that it could be the last Pokemon game he ever works on.

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HawtPaws1923d ago

I can't imagine how tough his job must be. There's a lot of pressure involved with having a fan base as large as the one Pokemon has attained. Seems like Masuda has done it again though, so I'm not to worried for the next gen not happening.

Still would love to see a Stadium-esque game on the Wii U though.

1923d ago
Juste_Belmont1923d ago

The fact that the series has been successful for so long is a testament to the quality of Masuda's work. It's also proof that turn based RPGs aren't as stale as some might think.