PlayStation Plus in November: Metal Gear Rising, Remember Me, more

Hi everyone! It’s that time again where I have the pleasure of announcing the upcoming goodies coming your way courtesy of PlayStation Plus. We have a couple of huge PS3 games this month as well as two PS Vita classics to keep you entertained as the nights start to draw in!

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Smurf11832d ago

PS + is the greatest service everrrrr. Remember Me should be fun!

come_bom1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Seriously ... Microsoft has to improve their XBLA Gold service to compete with PSN+. I honestly don't see the point to pay for XBLA Gold, simply to play multiplayer. Microsoft should really follow Sony with their online payed service.

pyramidshead1832d ago

I can see it happening and they will adapt for sure. No longer will they offer 8yr old games, but 7yr old games!

mattdillahunty1832d ago

did they just call Metal Gear Rising a masterpiece?


PS+ is awesome and all, but calm the hell down with the hyperboles.

abzdine1832d ago

PS+ puts everything else to shame.
MGSR and Remember Me? dammnnn!

Septic1832d ago

Yeah, Xbox Live will look like more of a joke when the PS4 releases when it will have all the chat functionality and more.

ZodTheRipper1832d ago

So it really was the right decision to wait with MGS:Rising :D
I'm going into my third year with PS+ and it's still as awesome as ever.

I also didn't try out Remember Me yet but I'm much more looking forward to playing Rising.

gaffyh1832d ago

@matt - MGR is actually quite good for what it is, the only thing I don't like about it is the Metal Gear in it's name, because it's not a Metal Gear, at all. They say you can sneak through the game, but you really can't, is almost impossible.

I forgot about Remember Me ;), so that's enough for me.

Eonjay1832d ago

I need a new hard drive, NOW!
Holy Hell, it keeps getting better and better! This is what I expect from an online subscription.

NeMo_HeauxZ1832d ago

Exactly why Im switching. I cant for my Playstation!

FamilyGuy1832d ago

WTF Remember Me and MetalGear Rising! I need to get a EU account, they're getting some ridiculously new-ish games.

Why is XBLG even a comparison anymore, a better challenger would be comparing different regions on PS+ with each other, MS isn't in the running.

HiddenMission1832d ago


Actually to hack n slash gamers it could be a master piece and guess what I for one played it around 15 times straight through.

Stop being salty because MS doesn't give out free newer titles...instead you games from like 2008.

Yeah your bitter much.

SegaSaturn6691832d ago

Metal Gear Rising was phenomenal. It's more accessible than stealthy MGS games and I think it's a better choice to initiate a newcomer with the series.

Thomaticus1832d ago

I think Microsoft will improve their service, because now there is competition. PS Plus is a true competitive service for Xbox Live, so I think they will get their Live service up to par. The issue is before is, there was PSN / PS Plus wasn't considered as competition, and thus MS didn't need to match it's services. The bottom line here is... competition between companies is good. Without competition companies get stagnant, and don't produce good deals. That's why it's important for both MS and Sony to do well so we get the best products and services

MizTv1832d ago

Not just mp
Netflix also.../s

ABizzel11831d ago

Should have known this was EU.

UltimateMaster1831d ago

PlayStation Plus in November: Metal Gear Rising, Remember Me, more.

Awesome just got Epic.

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guitarded771832d ago

Damn straight... I hope the US gets MGR and Remember Me too. Great month for the EU PS+.

showtimefolks1831d ago

plus puts all services to shame lol

vigilante_man1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

The first year of PS+ was a bit dodgy. I only joined once the IGC came about. There never has, and maybe never will be, a better gaming subscription than this!

If I had a 360 I would be screaming from the roof tops for Microsoft to up their game. MS played it clever. To do anything you need Live Gold.

I defy just 1 person of sound mind who pays for Live Gold to actually say that Sony are not giving their customers value for money with PS+. I only hope for all gamers that MS can follow suit soon.

a_squirrel1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

How was the first year a bit dodgy? That's like saying the service at McDonalds was a bit dodgy but only because there was an attempted armed robbery this one time that shut it down for a while.

Soldierone1831d ago

Remember Me was friggin awesome, I still have it. It has its glitches and clunky areas, but the story is so awesome.

Noctis1831d ago

I love how when I see good stuff coming out for PS + I always think to myself: "nah, this is too good for the US". and sure enough, too good for the US.

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DarkLordMalik1832d ago

Metal Gear Rising..... HOLY SHIT!!!!! This alone deserves a yearly subscription. I am glad i have both USA and EU PS+ so that i can enjoy freebies from both regions.

blackblades1832d ago

Wow! so you paying $100 a year.

Cernunnos1832d ago

For a total of 8 dollars per month!!! So expensive...

Irishguy951832d ago

****ing Yes. Month after month.

g-nome1832d ago

Stop it now , i'm still trying to catch up.

caseh1832d ago

I know the feeling...

Redempteur1832d ago

You cannot stop the train..

You're saying that but deep down , you're happy aren't you ?

RedDevils1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I can feel your pain, I'm trying to finished all my plus games as well but the games keep coming :)

Salooh1832d ago

Definitely an amazing month but only remember me for me. I already finished rising , not interested in vita games .

KwietStorm1832d ago

I gave up trying to catch up a while ago. Best thing is, since I have no intentions of letting my subscription lapse, the games I never got to will just be there. I'm gonna have to make sure I stay on top of PS3 updates from here on out though. It'll be November before we know it. It would really be cool if I could access those games through Gaikai on PS4. That would be so much win.

DarkBlood1831d ago

well some of it is going to go away eventually, you could just accept the download and just cancel it

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