GTA Online’s best paying missions – the highest cash & RP payout by level

OPM: Want to know what GTA Online missions pay the most money or RP? This would be the article then – the highest payouts and Respect Points organised by level so you can concentrate on earning money and levelling up fast.

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SolidStoner1929d ago

you will earn same amount of cash (or more) if you just stop reading these articles and play the damn game! ;)

Vic_Mackey1929d ago

I'm at work. What better way to kill some hours than research Bahahaha

Hazmat131929d ago

you see im one of those guys who, want money but wont work for it, so when its available im just gonna buy some money off the playstation store. haha

Pillsbury11929d ago

So this is our gaming future, eh?

Hazmat131928d ago

well hey good new! no matter what i still don't have to work to get free money! thanks rockstar!

Pillsbury11929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

They just want to make it harder and harder to make cash so you are forced to buy money.

Edit: He left out the survival mission which is worth 20,000 for 10 waves.