Enjoy 12 Minutes of Knack's Direct Feed Gameplay and Mark Cerny Showing Off His Perfect Japanese

The PS4's Lead Architect Mark Cerny often mentions that one of the reasons why he was given the job is the fact that he's a fluent Japanese speaker. Now you can see (and hear) that it's most definitely true in the new video just published by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia together with 12 direct feed minutes of Knack's gameplay recorded in 1080p

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BallsEye1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Honestly I don't dig this game. Not only it doesn't look half as fun as ratchet & clank but it also looks pretty bad for next gen. This actually looks like ps3 game upscaled to higher res...and it can't hit stable 30 fps =O. Cenry, you know ps4 better than anyone else, you are the lead could do better than this.

EDIT: I don't mind the style, love unrealistic design but the whole graphics aren't what they should be on next gen...look at these textures =/

If this is the game from lead designer of ps4 running at 20-30 fps then something is wrong.

mattdillahunty1836d ago

the environments actually look nice imo, but the gameplay looks super meh.

NewMonday1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


don't notice frame drops, you must be talking about the old build.

and if you don't like the graphics of Knack you must hate this..

Dagobert1836d ago

Personally I don't like Knack, it just doesn't appeal to me just like Ratchet and Clank never appealed to me. However I don't think it looks bad for next gen, it's got that stylized art so it might not look as impressive as other games that are going for realism. A lot of people ignore improved improved AI and physics in next gen systems and think it's just the look of it. There's far more than just being able to hit 60 fps and running 8k textures.

Dagobert1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Just from those screenshots sure, it doesn't like that impressive and the poly count seems low on the characters. Now again, there could be other reasons for why it's not at a higher poly count. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's the amount of objects rendered all at once that they were limited to a certain amount of poly's for each character or texture resolution. It could be a number of things or it could be just that they didn't make a great game. Either way I can't tell, the games not out and I don't know if I'd try it. I'm not sure what the actual FPS is of this game is either.

I do know this that not every game can have the best graphics, AI and physics, everything at the same time (unless we're talking about MGSV then sure that's like fap material). For example if you're looking at Battlefield 4, it could have amazing graphics but there might be retarded AI or just weird unrealistic physics. I guess we just gotta see if the actual gameplay does wow people once they try it out when it's released.

BallsEye1836d ago


Way to go posting old off-screen shots. It looks amazing for what it is btw, a tool where you can build any game you want bigger than any game you've played.

NewMonday1836d ago

sorry the screens are direct, really disappointed it looks like a Wii game.

BallsEye1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


lol no you posted a STREAM.


So stop lying.
Now let's not forget Project Spark is not a game. It's a tool to CREATE GAMES. Actually it's my most anticipated release on next-gen so far and hey, it's free!


No, not trolling just giving my impressions about the game. I'm getting all the consoles just like all of you sad fanboys. The difference is, I got the BALLS to complain if the product I liked, doesn't live up to expectations.

NewMonday1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


you just keep sinking..smh

not one of your pictures is actual gameplay, just empty CGI background art.

the screenshots I post are in-game, not my fault the game looks horrible.

Sevir1836d ago

Ballseye trolling a ps4 article! Not surprised!

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GmIsOnPt3601836d ago

this game just screams MEHHHHHHHHH. and i like platformers, i like rayman, crash bandicoot etc...this game however blah at best

PositiveEmotions1836d ago

I pre ordered this game it looks very fun.

Some of you guys only seen clims of the game and already doubting it smh

OlgerO1836d ago

Game look great, the kid playing in the end made me smile

amnalehu1836d ago

I actually think this game looks great and exactly the type f game the PS4 needs at launch. I was a big fan of Crash and this game reminds me a lot of that title. In some strange way it also reminds me of God of War in terms of the camera and the simple play mechanics. While I would never consider playing God of war with or in front of my 7 year old Daughter, this seems like a game that we could both jump in to and enjoy together.

Tontus1836d ago

This thing is God of War is simply to play because it's easy to learn, it also has a lot of depth for hardcore gamers to master. Knack just looks really basic, we don't know for sure yet though so I'm still willing to give the game a chance because it looks like a charming little game.

I hope it's great and becomes the modern day Crash, we need more lighthearted fun games like that.

Animal Mutha 761836d ago

Not my kind of game but this Cerny chap is a clever old soul.

The video is a bit odd with the inserted audience applause very Takishis castle but a good demo event no doubt and Cerny speaks better japanese than most of us.

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