Check out PS4 Exclusive Deep Down in Two Videos Showing 25 Minutes of Direct Feed 1080p Gameplay

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just published the recording of the two stage events of the PS4 exclusive Deep Down held last month at the Tokyo Game Show. You've probably already seen the blurry livestreamed version, but this time around you can see the game in shiny direct feed, 1080p form.

Gameplay starts around the 10 minutes mark in both videos.

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dp2774073402d ago

If you get closer to the end of the video you can see them using the Vita with multiplayer fighting the dragon its pretty cool especially when the one guy stops time.

abzdine3402d ago

makes it even cooler when i see that this game is F2P!!

FamilyGuy3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

F2P can be done right, even when it isn't it's STILL free for as long as you let it be free.

Budget $60 worth of in-game content and it shouldn't matter anyway. I'll be playing this on day 1 along with millions of others.

Trolls, fanboys and haters are gonna flock to this but they really have no argument that makes sense against a free game that looks like this.

Irishguy953402d ago Show
SniperControl3402d ago


No offense man but why are you even in here? You xbox guys always complain about PS4 guys trolling X1 articles, yet here you are......??

AlexanderNevermind3402d ago

More on topic with the gameplay, I'm loving the stabbing animation with the lancer. Lots of detail. I'm looking forward to this games!!

abzdine3402d ago

i understand that you are butthurt that this game looks great and is FREE :)
So far all we know about this game is very interesting

mewhy323402d ago

I'm very excited about this TRUE exclusive. Looks amazing.

xHeavYx3402d ago Show
Xsilver3402d ago

@Irish i just call you a troll:3

XB1_PS43402d ago

Is stab the only attack coded so far?

memots3402d ago

Free and looking better than some other 60$ 900p game

sinncross3402d ago

Looks as amazing as it was when I played it.

Too bad our demo didnt include the awesome dragon fight.

But everything was so smooth, and a lot of fun. Cant wat to play MP with others.

scott1823402d ago

Hell yeah looks great! Looks really fun too, can't wait to play it.

specialguest3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I don't like the fact that it's f2p. I prefer to pay $60 and get my full and complete content game. When it's f2p, there's no bar set to let you know when you've spent enough money to get the sense of a "complete" content game.

You're also leaving it up to the devs to decide content vs monetary value, and it's evident from Capcom's sf4 and sfxtk game that they suck at it. SSF4 costume pack was $4 per set and there were 7 sets. SfxTk, they got a lot of heat for offering a 12 character dlc pack for $20. The ripoff part of it was that those characters were already hidden on the actual disc.

Seems like Capcom made Deep Down f2p to avoid those past dlc complaints and left the pay as you go wide open with no limits. So here's the question. Do you trust Capcom to give you a fair content price and micro transaction? I definitely don't.

P0werVR3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Holy Crapper!

The PS4 does warp reality. How did you fanboys know?! LOL!

Either way game is looking great. I'll pick up a PS4 when this comes out.

HighResHero3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Yeah Capcom and FTP what could go wrong. /s
I'm hoping they will get this one right though.

loulou3402d ago

grfx and lighting look really nice, but the stab-em-in-the-eye for massive damage gameplay looks rubbish.

i want to see alot more before jumpng on the exclusive = greatness bandwagon

FamilyGuy3401d ago

I wonder just how they're doing this, I'm guessing it's the limited number of characters on the screen matched with the small and enclosed environment. It looks really highly detailed, if you checkout the gamersyde videos from the conference and see what it looks like running in 60fps you'll be even more blown away. It's 1080p, 60fps (or it seems to be) and even during that dragon fight scene with the dragons flame mixing in with rocks from the tornado spell you see no slow down whatsoever. It's frame rate handles all that without a hitch.

They need to get this out pronto and start using that new engine on more titles.

UltimateMaster3401d ago

I just can't believe they are all running this in real time.

It looks way better than the Dead Rising 3 CG video. And that's a CG video, not the actual game.

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black0o3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I can't get my head around the fact that it's FREE

XtraTrstrL3402d ago

This is Crapcom, trust, they'll screw us somehow with their monetization of this game.

Irishguy953402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Try to get your head around it and ask 'why is it free?' or 'what are the consequences of it being free'.

Instead of being glamored by the pretty graphics. This game is doing exactly what Sony and Capcom want it to do. It's a damn shame people are so gullible.

Sony/- "Looks amazing, make it free, build hype. So how are we going to pay for this? I know, lets use produral generation for everything. That way we can make a cheap albeit poor gameplay, great looking, free game with minimal cost. It'll build our reputation and hype for Ps4's release"

Capcom "After it releases can we'll use our good old F2P model"

G20WLY3402d ago

^Irish, or here's another possibility; Sony are making it free to make YET ANOTHER reason it's a no brainer to choose PS4 next gen, so are swallowing the cost as a way to sell the system.

We have no evidence to suggest either one of us is right, so stop p!ssing on our chips and wait and see like the rest of us, there's a good chap.

Volkama3402d ago

I highly doubt it is free to sell more PS4s. As with virtually all F2P games it is 'free' because they will make more money from it that way.

That's not to say you can't play it for free, but it only works if they rake in money from somewhere.

Pay to win gets a lot of attention, and that surely is the devil but it's not the only problem. I hate it when a game offers "convenience" items, such as quicker travel or bonus XP consumables. Once those items exist then every activity in the game nags for cash. Killing 100 monsters can be fun. Killing 100 monsters but knowing that it'd only have to be 50 if you coughed up £2.50 just kills the fun for me. I've yet to find a cash shop game that doesn't offer such things.

bsquwhere3402d ago

@irishguy I'm so great full your ignorant bitter stupid ass only has 2 bubbles.

BX813402d ago

My guess is micro transactions. For some reason i was expecting the game to look better. It looks way better than current gen though. I cant wait to play this game. It looks like one of those games that would be better with friends, too bad none of my friends are getting a ps4. Damn shame.

HighResHero3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

It's not likely going to be entirely free unless there are advertisements all over the dungeons.
Though Irishguy may come across wrong, his comments are actually closer to objective reality than many of the others on here, but that's not to say this game won't be worth checking out.

Jazz41083401d ago

I wish people would stop putting down each other and just enjoy the games

Beastforlifenoob3401d ago

hahah its free until you get to the first dungeon or whatever then it will say pay 2.99 USD to continue? Fuck dickheads these days, buying everything in the game will bound to cost more than $90.

For example real racing 3 (ios,android) takes around $150 to get all cars, but its supposdely free (no other way to get the cars)

Capcom are greedy dickless dickheads therfore im not downloading their shit or buying them. I will be enjoy Killzoneshadwofall battlefeild 4 and many other games where im not constantly asked for money.



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SharnOfTheDEAD3402d ago

When he stopped time my jaw dropped, such amazing detail. Loving the look of this game and it's just a small fraction! I really can't wait to play this!

3401d ago
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vega2753402d ago

This is the only game I want for the ps3 at this time.

PeaSFor3402d ago

oh, thats just too bad.

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webeblazing3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

really??? it looks like the worst game that they announced. im truly not seeing whats the hype, every ps exclusive looks way better than this, and every one of them looks more fun. this game looks like sh!t, but its Capcom this is normal

chrissx3402d ago

Ps4 is the only place where u can get a such a great looking game for free ;-)

SharnOfTheDEAD3402d ago

You could say the same about Ascend hand of kul, the free2play game on Xbox, however I've finished it, defeated kul and not spent a penny.

Lionsguard3402d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you. If people really think they'll be playing this game for "free" they are going to be sorely disappointed. Oh and don't compare Ascend hand of kul to this game. The production values for both are worlds apart.

BallsEye3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Looks good for a "free" game (however it's all tight corridors so it's not stressing the system a lot..)but I'd take Project Spark any day over this, eventho I'm a fan of dark souls.

Back-to-Back3402d ago

^^ This is what a casual gamer looks like.

BallsEye3402d ago


^^ this is what an ignorant kid looks like. I was playing games when you weren't probably even on this world. I own almost every major gaming system that was released in last 30 years. I've played it all and I'm still playing it.

Project Spark is casual? Do you even have any idea what it does? All your favourite games, indies or whatever else you like, you can basicly re-create in project spark in a different style. Once it's out me and my wife and some friends will be creating skyrim/fable mix, it will be a loong project. Making bigger world than in those games is what we aim for and it's totally possible in project spark. Now go back to school kid, earn some money once you finish your college and end up in mcdonalnds, maybe after 20 years you'll be able to afford few gaming systems and you'll take off your blinders.

bsquwhere3402d ago

^^this is a bitter Xbox fanboy that can't see how great a game looks because he has actual balls in his eyes. Its a medical condition from kissing Ballmers ass earlier this year.

cunnilumpkin3402d ago ShowReplies(7)
thejoker10003402d ago

ohh my god i want my ps4 NOW

OlgerO3402d ago

Yeah man this game look totally sick. just look at that boss fight.