GT5: Prologue TripleChat Review

Dehshizknight of Writes,

"The first time I played the original Gran Turismo game was from the ridiculously awesome PLAYSTATION Underground demo disks. As the "Beyond the Apex" (GT5: Prologue Blu-ray exclusive) video states, back then, consumers were not ready for a racing simulator. Unfortunately, I was one of those few but, at that naive age ten years ago, I was easily influenced into respecting the title.

The whole perspective of the Gran Turismo series changed upon the release of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec for the better. Selling over 47 million copies worldwide with the best-selling Gran Turismo 3 (at over 15 million sales by itself), the Gran Turismo series has evolved into the photo-realistic fifth iteration of the epic racing series. Anyways, now that the synopsis is over, now for the review:"

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EvilChicken3881d ago

Very good review, I might consider getting this game!