Radeon R9 280X Paired with Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition

Canadian site HardwareCanucks explore the possibility of constructing chords 2-Way CrossFireX graphics cards of the Radeon R9 280X (Tahiti XTL) and Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition (Tahiti XT2).These adapters have almost the same characteristics, except for the clock frequencies that are higher than the HD 7970 GE.

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ATi_Elite2542d ago

1. That XFX R9 280 is a SEXY looking GPU! I really like that, I mean REALLY like that.

2. Intergenerational adaptability is beyond AWESOME. Lets all stand up and applaud AMD for a job well done.

3. I currently have 2 Gigabyte HD7970GE cards so no need to buy R9 280 but I wonder how powerful R9 290 290x will be and at what price.

I'm sure they will match GTX780 but I'm not looking to drop more C-notes into GPU's until GDDR6

Bolts2542d ago

AMD cards always put up great benchmarks but the problem is gameplay quality and support. The amount of games that support Crossfire is significantly lower than SLI, pathetic even, and my 7990 still suffers more horrible micro stutter in most games.

AMD need to address this issue with Crossfire and driver support immediately before I can even think about the R 290X. Because right now 780 GTX is superior to AMD top of the line 7990 based on the fact that the 780 GTX just works.

Studio-YaMi2542d ago

Could you tell me what to remove or add for my new rig ?

Yes I know it's over the top but I have to money for it,so if you could adjust it to be even better then I appreciate it.

If not here,a PM would do,thanks !

2542d ago
elhebbo162542d ago

im loving my r9 280x right now!

bumnut2542d ago

Doesn't this just prove that the 280x is not really a new card?

duplissi2542d ago

It doesn't need to prove anything... It is not a secret that the R9 280X is based of the tahiti core just like the 7950 and 7970. It is essentially a 7970GHZ with a few improvements. The R7 260X and the R9 290/X are the cards based off new gpu cores (Bonaire and Hawaii respectively.)

bumnut2542d ago

Im not saying it needs to prove anything, I was just wondering if they are the same card. Just like the 680 and 770 are.

duplissi2542d ago

Yeah for most of the new series it is like that, in fact Both AMD and Nvidia are doing that this year... GXT 770 and under are all rebrands of GTX 6XX cards. SO R9 280X and under are rebrands of HD 7XXX cards.

bumnut2541d ago

wait a minute, I get disagrees, then the guy below says the same thing worded differently and gets agrees? life is so unfair :)

hiredhelp2541d ago

yeh new series are basicly overclocked rebranded 7000 series.
Whats good about all this is the price theyve seriously knocked down the price of both series cards.
However AMD are phaseing out the 7000 series For the R9s.
This obviously due to competition witch fine by me cos prices awsome.
Plz be aware these cards also on the r9s have dx11.2 ready but must run windows 8 and have next gen OPENGL.