Dark Souls II Graphic Novel: A Supernatural Gothic Experience

We all love to hate the Dark Souls games because if its trademark "no easy mode" and immensely challenging gameplay. So while you are pulling your hair out because you just cannot beat that boss, you can ease back gently into the mood for it by reading the Dark Souls II graphic novel, Into the Light. The graphic novel takes place in the dark, Gothic universe of DARK SOULS II.

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schmoe1835d ago

I am a fan of graphic novels so i am in...

Choc_Salties1835d ago

Not my cuppa tea sadly, looks interesting though!

plut0nash1835d ago

Can I get a copy please?

GabeSA1835d ago

I like the graphic novel concept that was Max Payne before it was hashed into a movie. This will be an anticipated hit imho.