ThatGameCompany Issue Clarification on Journey for PS4 Announcement, says "It Was A Mistake"

The Journey is not coming to Playstation 4, ThatGameCompany has issued a clarification that The Journey for Playstation 4 announcement was a mistake.

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majiebeast1833d ago

Its probably true but they werent supposed to talk about it.

yewles11833d ago

Talk about what? They have no involvement with either IP now, they're busy making a new game for mobile.

mewhy321832d ago

I know this game won lots of awards, but I've never really been a fan.

amnalehu1832d ago

I read the tweet. They were VERY clear when they said it was coming out for PS4. It was NOT a mistake. The mistake may have been spilling the beans bit too early. Looking forward to playing this ON PS4 an hopefully Vita as well!

thatgamecompany1832d ago

Sorry, but I should read tweets more carefully before I respond. We've been getting so many questions about Flower PS4 that I accidentally responded the wrong way.
Not only would we not announce any ports/new games like this, but we would be the last to find out.
Flower PS4 was shown off by Sony at press conferences before we knew it was greenlit.

Sizzon1833d ago

Hope it comes later down the line, still nice that Flower is coming :)

ruefrak1833d ago

How do you misread the question?
"So Flower is coming to the PS4. Will the same be done with Journey? I'd love to see the game in 1080p and 60 FPS."
How does one misread that to ask whether or not Flower is coming to PS4?

Jaqen_Hghar1832d ago

they didn't read the second sentence a man guesses

Thehyph1832d ago

Just get it on ps3 if you haven't already. It's been on sale a few times since release.

I bought it during a sale, and it was dirt cheap with plus. I can't remember what I paid for it.

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