Xbox One: Animated Specs Spotlight

From Kinect to impulse triggers, a tour of the Xbox One in lavish, animated style.

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Naga1833d ago

What an insightful response. I hope you will continue to grace us with more of these topical nuggets of pertinent wisdom.

CRAIG6671833d ago

Properly LOL!

1OddWorld1833d ago

Yep totally "Meh" for me. You can spin the PS4 at this point show casing all its connectors and it would be a "Meh" too. I think I have been desensitized. I need them to showcase the features in action not just talk about them. The 15th and the 22nd of November need to just get here already. That's all I am saying.

CRAIG6671833d ago

I thought these were cool videos...

FamilyGuy1833d ago

Yeah, really well done.

TheEnigma3131833d ago

It sucks the HDD isn't removable; I don't think 500gb will be enough this gen. 20gb seems like a lot in 05 when the released the 360,and we know how that turned out. Anyways, these are some pretty solid specs.

DeadManIV1833d ago

Wait, what? You can save games to an external drive? Piracy will be rampant - that's why the ps3 doesn't allow it.

TheEnigma3131833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Meh, external hdds aren't good for long term and frequent use. I know this by working in I.T.

nukeitall1833d ago

The external hard drive will function just like your internal drive.

Mike134nl1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It really is a shame that the hard-drive is not removable especially as next gen games are easily 50gb each. I do not believe this 8gb flash memory is a stumbling-block for this as it seems the xb1 is not using a hybrid hdd but have the 8gb flash seperately installed.

FamilyGuy1833d ago

20Gb wasn't even a lot back in 05, MS was just cheap.

They allow you to save games to an external but that isn't desirable as it could be an eyesore.

TheXgamerLive1833d ago

With Xbox One microsoft gives unlimited storage on the cloud. No need to upgrade...ever.

TheEnigma3131833d ago

That sounds like hyperbole, but that could be true.

TheXgamerLive1833d ago

True. There was an N4G post a month or so from MS on just that topjc.

gamer78041833d ago

4TB usb 3.0 external hard drive , yes please. Much easier to swap out witha larger size when needed.

TheEnigma3131833d ago

It will function like an internal drive but the durability and data transfer isn't a good. It would have also been great if the xbox one were able to use an ssd.

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Drewidian1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Its always been funny to me how Sony has never said what the speed of their CPU Cores is. I wonder why...

NatureOfLogic1833d ago

What!? No removable HDD?........ Wow so Xbone day one buyer are stuck with 500gb. I thought you could at least upgrade the HDD like PS3 and PS4.

byeGollum1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

500GB is more than enough for me. And when I buy the PS4, I won't be upgrading the HDD either. It is not an issue. I'm using a 12GB super slim PS3 right now, it's been more than sufficient.

barb_wire1833d ago

I guess you don't download too many demo's or purchase any games from PSN - unless you're deleting them after playing.. cause that 500GB will fill up quick.

feraldrgn1833d ago

No removable HDD, but it does support external HDD if that helps any.

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