PlayStation 4: Animated Specs Spotlight

Be baptized in all things PS4 with this fun guide to everything you need to know in under two minutes.

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Studio-YaMi1833d ago

My pre-order for the Launch bundle with an extra controller,PS4 camera & all 3 exclusives & 4 multiplayer games is all set,COME AT ME NOV 15th !!!

SniperControl1832d ago

Video is wrong, it states the AUX at being at the front of the PS4, it is not, it is located at the back next to the Ethernet port.

Kayant1832d ago

Yep... while the video is well made this and the XB1's has some misinformation.

iamnsuperman1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

It is GT. I swear they are not checking their videos/articles any more. They recently uploaded two articles about the same thing that was (A) using out of date figures and (B) the figures were not the same between the two articles (despite being about the same thing)

SniperControl1832d ago

LOL Why would anybody disagree with me, what the hell?

The damn thing(AUX) is there for everybody to see.

Are trolls that blinded my hate?

Sad, sad state of affairs.


Red_Devilz1832d ago

Welcome to N4G.

People here disagree with anything they want about PlayStation. Thats cool. You will also get "Trolling" vote for just saying "PS4 looks awesome"

But, if you say "I'm not buying XBox One", you sir are a Sony Fanboy.

That pretty much sums up

FamilyGuy1832d ago

The video is also missing a ton of the other launch day games that'll be available. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition was recently announced so that one can slide but it also skips DC Universe Online, FF14 ARR and a bunch of the indie games.