EB Expo: Knack PS4 Hands On Gameplay

Press Start Australia went hands on with Mark Cerny’s beautiful PS4 launch title, Knack. The game plays like an old school PS1 platformer and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final game.

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fpshooter21885d ago

The more i see this game the more interested i become. I may pick it up for my son and I to enjoy together.

mhunterjr1885d ago

The graphics are fantastic, but With super Mario 3d world right around the corner... This gameplay is uninspiring.

madpuppy1885d ago

The Plumber really needs to retire.

mhunterjr1885d ago

Why? I have no plans of owning a wiiu (I'm a xb1 + ps4 guy) but Do you REALLY think this game looks nearly as fun as the new Mario ?

madpuppy1884d ago

I lost interest in everything Mario after Mario64. To me his games are like a sitcom that has been on the air too long and has run out of ideas. for god sakes! he's conquered Space!!!SPACE!! how is nintendo going to top that?? maybe have you play Mario playing a Mario game?

At least Knack, albeit a platformer, is still different enough to be new and interesting.

hulk_bash19871885d ago

Not at all uninspiring for me. This is a day one buy along with my ps4. Im loving the throwback feel the gameplay looks like it has. It looks like GOW meets 90's platformers, i can't wait to get my hands on it.