Lost Planet Bundle Announced for Japan

Microsoft and Capcom have announced the Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Online Pack, a bundle of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Xbox 360 hardware, to be released December 21 in Japan, the same day as the game's Japanese release. The bundle will be available in limited quantities (5000 to be exact), for 44,800 yen (about $380, at current exchange rates) and will include the following:

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition software
Xbox 360 Headset: Lost Planet Model
3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership
A card enabling access to download extra stages
Xbox 360 hardware, including 20GB hard disc, wireless controller and media remote.

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eques judicii4464d ago

when will america get a sweet bundle..

death monk4464d ago

Microsoft if pushing the 360 hard in Japan. We'll never get that sweet of a bundle because it's already selling good enough at $400 without a game.