Square Enix: “We’d Love a Vita Version of Final Fantasy XII”

Game Director Yoshinori Kitase has previously brought up how Final Fantasy XII HD would be the most obvious, and now he was interviewed by Play Magazine (via NowGamer), where he asked whether we might see more HD Final Fantasy titles if the Remaster is successful:

We’d love a Vita version of Final Fantasy 12… I am also hoping that this HD remaster will open up some great possibilities in the future.

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-Gespenst-1834d ago

Oh shiiiii. That would be amazing. I think it'll probably happen too. X|X-2 HD is pretty much guaranteed to sell well. It's definitely the most hyped thing that SE has coming out in the near future.

mrbojingles1834d ago

Guaranteed to sell well? Maybe in Japan it could turn a profit but with how bad software sells on Vita in US/Europe the FF X/X-2 remakes will tank outside of Japan commercially. There is no denying it. I mean, top exclusive Vita games that are not remakes barely sell 30k in their debut months so why would a remake of two very old FF games do anything? Not trying to burst your bubble but once FFX/X-2 remakes sell badly on Vita Square Enix will likely use that as an excuse to ignore both Vita and 3DS for mobile platforms as they are already doing now.

miyamoto1834d ago

I rather have a system that actually have tons of games to play than a multi million selling kids toy.

PS Vita is not made for toddlers.

Th4Freak1834d ago

"top exclusive Vita games that are not remakes barely sell 30k in their debut months"

Senran Kagura first week 94k ( )

Persona 4: Golden first week 137k ( )

Soul Sacrifice first week 92k + double pack = 130k ( )

Tales of Hearts R first week 55k ( )

** Note PSV outsold 3DS that week.

Toukiden first week 122k ( )

And I could keep the list going...

"why would a remake of two very old FF games do anything?"

A lot of PSV haters like yourself said the same thing when P4G was announced, what is a remake of a PS2 game going to do? Its going to fail, blah, blah... It turned out that people fell in love with it and isn't only a must have game for every PSV owner but its one of the best selling games on Vita. Now, the next time you're going to hate please do your homework.

abzdine1833d ago

FFXII is one of my favorite FF games.

gunboss2011833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It's time for you to get a 3DS and play what you think it's more fun than VITA. Sony's not for you, Nintendo for you then..

UltimateMaster1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

No, No, No!
Bring us Type-O first!

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Outside_ofthe_Box1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I would love for this happen. I loved FF12 especially it's battle system. I've always felt that was the direction FF needed to go.

The Vita is perfect for RPGs as the perfect time to grind is on your way to work/school if you have a long commute or in the waiting room during appointments.

TongkatAli1834d ago

This is making me want to get multiple copies X HD collection.

I'm sorry, but 12 is the good shit.

miyamoto1834d ago

FF Type-0 first
then FF XII

Outside_ofthe_Box1834d ago

Aw man, I forgot about Type-0. Still scratching my head on why SE hasn't brought it over to the west yet.

Magicite1833d ago

I want FF9 HD so much!!!

3-4-51833d ago


* Buy FF X HD for Vita and if enough people buy it, they will make FF 12 HD.

Adding some kind of online or co-op function to FF12 would make it even better.

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porkChop1834d ago

Personally, I wasn't too much a fan of XII. The story was alright, the graphics were great for PS2, everything was ok except the combat. I don't mind fighting monsters in the world instead of battle areas, but the MMO-like combat really turned me off. It just doesn't make sense for a singleplayer game. If they can do an HD remaster on Vita, and fine tune/improve the combat just a little bit, I'd probably pick it up.

Magicite1833d ago

Graphics were overkill for PS2.

tiffac0081834d ago

If they are going to remaster FFXII it better be the International version with the Zodiac job since it was only released in Japan back in 2007 and please don't forget Type-0.

DarkLordMalik1834d ago

Since the remastered FF X and X-2 have all the extra content, same with Kingdom Hearts HD, i think we can expect the same from FF XII.

Going to buy FF X on VITA to show my support.

PoSTedUP1834d ago

Oh God, yes!! this will be huge for me. id cry :' )

DEATHxTHExKIDx1834d ago

I'll pass up on XII not a fan of its combat.

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