Pictures of the Play TV interface

Here are some pictures of the Play TV interface, which is quite nicely done.

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St05147d ago (Edited 5147d ago )


GutZ315147d ago

Yea, nice.
But does it play porn?

GutZ315147d ago

No pron, no buy!
Hulk angry! Hulk Like PORN~!

Milky5146d ago

Are there any wires between the box and the beast ?

(beast= ps3)

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lelik5147d ago

wait ps3 is doing this?

leedsunited925147d ago

I dont see why anybody would want to buy this! Its more expensive than a freeview double tuner with 100GB hard drive, you cant play games while recording, it wastes you PS3 memmory (which is very valuble) and nothing about it is better than a freeview tuner.

dabizo5147d ago

Good Point!! In fact I wanted this to be honest but convergence doesn't always benefit anyone - this is another example of convergence failing

heyheyhey5147d ago

haha leeds

the team that suddenly went in the sh!tter

PirateThom5147d ago (Edited 5147d ago )

Unlike just about every other freeview tuner, this one lets you view and record HD.

BBC have HD broadcasts prepared to go live soon.

Ben10545147d ago

you can view HD freeview on this when HD freeview comes out,
You can save programs on your ps3,
you can stream the freeview over the internet on to you psp so you can be sitting in your local McDonald's using their free internet service watching your freeview (cant wait to do that)

Mr_Showtime15147d ago

but if i can watch good homegrown TV on my psp while on holidays then screw the price il be buying it

Jdoki5147d ago

Some people just like the convenience of having everything in one place, accessible through one interface/unit.

Adding one small box to the PS3 adds a bunch of features. Freeview, PVR, dual HD tuners, and 'Slingbox' type functionality.

Sure you could find a PVR as cheap as this, but I doubt the quality would be as good. The PlayTV EPG and functionality seem excellent from everything I've read/seen.

Plus it adds 'Slingbox' type features, where people can watch their recorded stuff on their PSP via remote play. For some that's a compelling reason to buy.

I don't see this as a bad example of convergence at all. This is giving consumers choice, plus features they may not get elsewhere.

Ali_The_Brit5147d ago

well you cant download and keep the video on a freview box and neither is a freeview box HD

PlayStation3605147d ago (Edited 5147d ago )

I read somewhere you will be able to record programs while you play games. Sony's already working on that feature. As for the memory, you could always upgrade bro. 300GB+ anyone? :)

Edit: Here is where I read it.

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cliffbo5147d ago

i think that looks pretty damned slick

invoked5147d ago

it makes your psp a portable tivo player. Awesomeness.

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