Game Freak only needed 20 more developers to make Pokemon X & Y

You'd think that for the series first fully 3D game on 3DS that Game Freak would hire a large amount of employees to get the job done. It turns out they only needed about 20 more developers than usual to get Pokemon X & Y out the door.

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DarkBlood1834d ago

Are those the final evo's of the starters?

-Mika-1834d ago

This article shows just how greedy nintendo is.

TekoIie1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Read the article. It says they only needed 20 MORE developers to make Pokemon X/Y. Even the description gives that away when it says this:

"It turns out they only needed about 20 more developers than usual to get Pokemon X & Y out the door."

In total there are 80 people developing the game.

thehobbyist1834d ago

I fail to see how hiring less people who know what they're doing over double that amount in idiots is a sign of greed.

DarkBlood1833d ago

@-Mika- i dont think you actually read the article.

CaptainPunch1834d ago

If this is true, imagine what 100 developers could do. I really wish Nintendo would wise up and release a 3D Pokemon game on the Wii U - with 3DS connectivity. GameFreak could make the handheld Pokemon games and another studio could make the console Pokemon games. It's a win win!

Majin-vegeta1834d ago

Nintendo are literally sitting on a gold mine but to retarded to see that -_-/.

HexxedAvenger1833d ago

or they know and are biding their time... >.>

Kalebninja1834d ago

they arent gonna do that not yet they have to make both consoles sell so they give the 3ds pokemon and such and they are workin on a bunch of games for wii u so that could sell and idk if you saw that weird footage at the end of one of the pokemon trailers it was obviously a pokemon game for wii u it could end up being a battle coliseum type or gale of darkness type but that big adventure rpg thing you want (we all want it) probly wont happen until next gen and i hope it doesnt until then so we can get the best outta it

thehobbyist1834d ago

(Main series)Pokemon games will always be handheld. I think GameFreak made a similar statement when Colosseum was released.