Opinion: The Pokémon battle system must evolve

Will Kostakis, -- "With Pokémon X and Y’s worldwide release tomorrow, the series is going 3D. It’s the evolutionary step we all saw coming, and while we’re all celebrating the fact that it’s finally here, I doubt the good folks at Nintendo feel the same way. 3D was the last big, low-risk change they could make to the series.

"Whatever they do next will ruffle feathers."

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kirbyu1886d ago

I see what you did there.

1886d ago
KingKelloggTheWH1886d ago

Im still waiting for an open world Pokemon action rpg with terrain deformation and effects.

Einhert1886d ago

I will be happy to play X & Y in the meantime though

KingKelloggTheWH1886d ago

Oh, Im by no means complaining.I would just give my legs for my dream pokemon game.

Einhert1886d ago

oh I meant nothing bad by that, just X & Y is the best we have until then and they definitely have taken a step in the right direction.

I just like all the new added depth to the gameplay and how pokemon amiee actually affects your pokemons nature and mood!

WeAreLegion1886d ago

Agreed. X and Y are a huge step forward, but there are so many things we want. A full open world RPG with real-time battles would be amazing! And more fleshed out stories, as well. THAT game would sell Wii U's.

Max-Zorin1886d ago

And Pikachu need to evolve for crying out loud.

ScubaSteve11886d ago

technically he did evolve by losing weight

kirbyu1886d ago

Are you telling me you've never heard of Raichu?

Max-Zorin1885d ago

I was talking about Ash's Pikachu.

Warj1886d ago

I agree with the author but am curious to the impact of adding another aspect.

Make the move pools more pokemon specific.

I know my electric pokemon will always have thunder bolt or its physical counterpart, I know I can teach a lot of non-electric monsters thunder bolt. I know my final team will have nearly the same move pool as the previous game. It significantly reduces the need to branch out into different pokemon and fails to give them different identities outside of looks and some stat deviations.

If you can't get a move with a certain pokemon, or better yet, receive a new move, it makes each pokemon more unique to play. I'm not saying every creature should have nothing but signature moves, but adding some limitations or even a select few signature moves to each one would drastically increase the strategy, because now instead of only looking for a stat vehicle to carry your moves, you have to balance that alongside an exclusive/limited move pool. It would also cut down on the ridiculousness of having rock pokemon swim.

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