S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky official DX10 trailer

The official trailer is out for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky DX10. The graphics is really worth a look. German site has in addition some DX10 screenshots as well.

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Jonelo3860d ago

The video with better quality - but only 640 x 360 and not very good bitrate , 35 mb

more mirrors

And some more screens in game - in DX 9 -


ForTheFallen3860d ago

Does anyone know any good sub-$200 DX10 graphics cards?

Jonelo3860d ago

9600 GT $199.99 in best buy .. but well, my references are in euros - the 8800 GT price in Europe is 150 - 200 euros .

The recomended graphic card for DX 10 , nearly in maximun or in maximun quality , is the 8800 GT - source, a video preview in a russian magazine - . The 9600 GT is a bit worse , and the 8800 GTS - new version - and 9800 GTX are better . But the launch of new generation of Nvidia and ATI will be in Summer - June , July , August...

TheIneffableBob3860d ago

I use this forum ( ) to find good deals on computer hardware.

Some great deals pop up from time to time, such as this 8800 GTS 512 which includes The Witcher ( ) for $194.

If you wait until summer, which is when the next-generation graphics cards are rumored to be releasing from ATI (and possibly NVIDIA), then prices should be even lower.

wow4u3860d ago

Thanks for the links.

That is just staggering to look at. The volumetric lighting and particle effects (dawn in the rail yard - wow).

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M0rt3n3860d ago

Looks like DX10 is the 1 thing Vista does right :P

TheIneffableBob3860d ago

Dare I say this looks BETTER than Crysis? Holy hell, Clear Sky is absolutely gorgeous.

INehalemEXI3860d ago

It sure looks good. Those skys where anything but clear though :D

Charlie26883860d ago

I dare to say STALKER actually had better lighting effects than Crysis, the effect of using the flashlight in heavy particle scenarios were unmatched and ULTRA realistic

Boldy3860d ago

You know if you go to the Youtube video itself and click on the TV to the right of the number of views it got, you can select the HD version of this video which is MUCH more High-res then the low Youtube quality.

TheIneffableBob3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

And if the video doesn't have the TV button, add &fmt=18 or &fmt=6 to the end of the URL.


&fmt=18 has a bitrate of around 512 and gives stereo audio, as opposed to regular mono audio.
&fmt=6 gives a bitrate of around 900, but has mono audio. (Most YouTube videos don't support this format.)
Regular YouTube quality has a bitrate of around 200 and has mono audio.

Phoebian3860d ago

Sure it looks nice, but after how I found the first game I think I shall be passing on this one.

theox2g73860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

what turned you off the first game? cos i had a blast with the first stalker, it was miles better than other fps, actually it has spoiled me from other games, cos it's the fps where the dev leaves you to figure things out on your own rather than holding your hand through the experience, the freeform sandbox style is very addictive and immersive and now it's harder for me to enjoy games where i can't have that freedom, seriously the chunk of the fps industry is just full of dumbed down regurgitated rehashes with stupid AI and corridor linearity, only a few games stand out, stalker is definitely one of them

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