Why GTA V DLC should feature a Female Protagonist

onPause writes:

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise associated with violence, open world gameplay, odd characters and all male protagonist. From day one GTA games put players in the virtual shoes of a male character which is no different with Grand Theft Auto V, which actually features 3 men in the lead roles.

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ThatEnglishDude1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Let me guess: to appeal and please the loud minority of people that have a problem with absolutely everything?

mcroddi1831d ago

Don't you think women would enjoy playing a GTA game that appeals to them a bit more? White men always 'win' in this society. Would be a nice change.

Spinal1831d ago

No it wouldn't. I certainly don't want to see DLC just for the sake of being politically correct.

DLC like playing a cop and a criminal as two new characters who have to do the crimes an capture the criminals in a mad twisted tale similar to the movie The Departed. Now that would be awesome DLC.

MysticStrummer1830d ago

@spinal - DLC with a female protagonist wouldn't necessarily be in the name of political correctness, and honestly do you think Rockstar is concerned with being politically correct? Have you played their games?

I know several girls who play these games and would love a female character to control in story mode. Female gamers are a significant part of the gaming population now. Catering to them to some extent is just good business.

I like your idea for a Departed-like DLC though. That would be awesome indeed.

sinclaircrown1831d ago

Like you having a problem with this?

OT: I wouldn't mind at all. May entice more female gamers, may not, who knows? Either way, if you have a problem with a female character in GTA, maybe you just have a problem with females?

mcroddi1831d ago

I tend to agree with you there! >_<

ThatEnglishDude1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

That has nothing to do with it. Let's face it, even if on the unlikely event that were to happen, it'd be due to pressure by feminist groups and white knight keyboard warriors.

It would simply be for the sake of being politically correct, as SpinalCord quite rightly said. I truthfully cannot see Rockstar doing this anytime soon, if ever. Does that make them sexist? No. Does me disagreeing with the idea make me sexist? No. Not every game in existence from here on in needs to feature a strong, female lead.

MysticStrummer1830d ago

@EnglishDude - "It would simply be for the sake of being politically correct"

You must play different Rockstar games than I do. Being politically correct doesn't strike me as one of their priorities. More than likely, the character would be a current or former stripper or hooker.

As I said above, female gamers are a significant part of the gaming population now. Making some DLC for them would just be good business, and if you don't want it you can choose not to buy it.

ShaunCameron1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Pretty much. I wonder why do progressives feel the need to interfere with nature and the natural order of things. Why can't they just let nature run its intended course?

Speed-Racer1831d ago

Personally I couldn't give a damn either way if it was a guy or girl.

TheTimeDoctor1831d ago

only if it makes sense. forcing anything in for PC bullplop is not cool