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In order to complete the jobs, Garrett needs equipment, and this is one area in which "Thief" excels. Players can purchase arrows — both of the deadly and knockout varieties — and items to restore health and focus, but the real fun comes with some of the more unusual stock.

Rope arrows can suspend climbable ropes all around The City, allowing Garrett to reach new areas (such as the nobleman's window, where snatching the painting was a cinch). A pair of wire cutters and a ratchet allow Garrett to enter new areas by clipping steel wires and unlocking winches and air ducts.

With its slick, fast-paced gameplay and light touch of magical elements, "Thief" feels more like Bethesda's 2012 stealth hit "Dishonored" than a traditional "Thief" title. Even so, its hardcore stealth mechanics and intriguing city to explore will go a long way toward pleasing stealth fans.

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