Gamestyle reviews Neves (9/10)

Gamestyle reports:

''Neves is Portuguese for snow, a fact unrelated to the concept of this game. Of far more relevance is that Neves is seven backwards, and such verbal jiggery-pokery means that its puzzling time. Gamestyle digs out the DS and warms up the brain.

Good puzzle games keep things simple. Blocks of different shapes need to be ordered into straight lines. Two coloured blobs need to be re-arranged to get three of the same colours in a row. Technology has gotten more complicated, but the genius of a successful puzzle game idea is rooted in a clear and straightforward concept. Some of the puzzle games in the last few years have attempted to add extra bangs and whiz to go with the technology but this has not added much success to a genre where the concept is key. Case in point: Zoocube.''

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