Ubisoft Talks AC4 Tech – AnvilNext Engine Features, Global Illumination, DX11.2, AMD’s Mantle

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we had the pleasure to interview Ubisoft’s Luc Poirier, team lead for the rendering team for AC4 at Ubisoft Montreal. Luc shared some interesting tech information about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and detailed some of the features that have been implemented in the next iteration of the AnvilNext engine. Luc also talked about Windows 8 and DX11.2, as well as AMD’s upcoming API, Mantle."

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xKugo1923d ago

Seems like Windows 8 is a must have for next-gen; It helps significantly in BF4 beta and now helping in AC4. Glad I opted for it instead of Windows 7.

lsujester1923d ago

It really does, under the hood it is a very good OS. I still hate Metro on a desktop, though.

SniperControl1923d ago

It's my only bugbear about w8, absolutely loathe metro, hopefully the new 8.1 update makes it a little more bearable.

Idba1923d ago

you could download a mod to make windows 8 look like windows 7, but still not lose any performance

TomahawkX1923d ago

Very informative interview, thanks!

CrossingEden1923d ago

Can you confirm whether the PC version will be identical to the next-gen version? If yes, can we expect any PC exclusive features that won’t be present in the next-gen console versions (apart from DX11 and TXAA)? If not, what will be the differences between the PC and the next-gen console version?

LP: All the next gen features will be available on PC. On top of that, the team at Ubisoft Kiev worked on several PC specific features, like improved HBAO, MSAA, contact hardening soft shadows and improved god rays. The UI has been updated for the PC version. Also, Nvidia card owners will have access, like you mentioned, to TXAA, but also to the GeForce Experience: graphics options will be automatically adjusted in accordance to the user GPU and machine.

PC version confirmed to be the best.

pete0071923d ago

And when we have pc versions outpacing consoles even before launch......
Cant imagine the future for those devices.

ZBlacktt1923d ago

Because common sense says PC people can replace parts at will. New stuff comes out often and Consoles with fixed hardware sit for some years. But seeing that a PS4 console by itself would be $340 ( $60 DS4 controller value ). Yet still look very very good. Is there really a reason to complain? No.

pete0071923d ago

You have your point. But If we look all console gens before, it was pc catching up because consoles had budgets on the billions. And mostly sell at a loss making up on royalties. Last gen broke everything, sony didnt make à dime and went cheappo. You get what you Pay. Msft hides behind kinect and other Nintendo phylosophy.
Well see

Letros1923d ago

I guess it would have been nice if these new consoles were actually close to high end PCs. They are struggling to hit 1080p60, meanwhile PC is shifting into affordable 4k gaming, likely a 4k tv is the next big upgrade for every home in a few years.

ZBlacktt1922d ago

Sony gave players a console that had never been seen before. A Blu-ray player with a Cell chip. At a time there was no Blu-ray market at all. Then before long the Blu-ray wins the format war. Now fast forward to today, Sony's still using it and now MS has finally caught up. Sony took that loss just to get the product out there. Yet, if you research, you'll see the PS3 did start making a profit. So you are not actuate in that statement.

I used to PC game way way back in the day. I own a IT company now. So I more then get it. Just on the scale of things. A PC will never match the value of a console and more so these Next Gen ones. So PC guys justify their spending habits by going around trying to belittle the console gamers as if they are so inferior. Meanwhile, AC4 has been being shown to the world all this year on a PS4. While everyone was going WOW that looks so damn good! Yeah... on $360.


Lets face it. It's not even a contest because again. The PC can swap parts everyday if users wanted to. A console is and has always been a fixed pieced of hardware. Two entirely different methods of gaming. If only the console guys could replace graphics cards at will right, lol.