Nerdist Review: The Wolf Among Us ‘Faith’

Nerdist: "Fresh off of their critically acclaimed and Game Of The Year award-winning triumphant outing with The Walking Dead last year, Telltale Games is back with their next episodic adventure, The Wolf Among Us. Based on Bill Willingham’s edgy comic book series, Fables, Telltale looks to compel gamers as the did with their previous blockbuster by delivering a ruthless plot filled with bizarre twists and an extreme tier of shock value. Will they be able to recreate or exceed that level of magic this time around? Episode one of the five part series suggests that they are well on their way to doing so."

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BOVICE471832d ago

The Game looks really interesting. Cant wait to have it.

1831d ago
MeatheadMilitia1831d ago

This game looks serious! I can't wait to get my hands on it

yamelmegames1831d ago

Damn, I need this game ASAP. Awesome job as always, Malik.

ThaTruthMVP1831d ago

Thanks. Yes it's an awesome game! Definitely worth $4.99