Top Underrated RPG’s #03: The Last Remnant

In Level Complete's 3rd 'Top Underrated RPG's' article, Sam Hewitt wants to talk about The Last Remnant, which he believes is a title that has been overlooked by many seasoned JRPG fans.

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kratos_TheGoat1832d ago

hahahaha hell no shit was a dull

Juste_Belmont1832d ago

I've heard that this game was bad, but I still wish SE had released it on PS3 like they had planned to. I would have bought it. I've probably bought worse games this gen, but I have no idea how they compare to The Last Remnant thanks to SE.

Hicken1832d ago

I've heard conflicting reports.

In any case, the poor sales on 360 killed the PS3 release. It's one of those moves Microsoft made that didn't benefit anybody.

Juste_Belmont1832d ago

I actually don't blame Microsoft for this. SE said that The Last Remnant would be released on Xbox, PS3, and PC simultaneously, but because they used the Unreal engine they had problems with the PS3 version. The 360 version was finished so they released it, and then later came the PC version which improved some of the things that people complained about in the 360 version, but eventually the PS3 version was cancelled.

This is in stark contrast to the release of FFXIII, in which the PS3 version was delayed due to the announcement of a 360 version and content was also cut from the game in order to make every version equal. Microsoft may have padded some pockets, but I place the blame on SE's shoulders. They had the ability to say no and they had the ability to make different choices in how they released The Last Remnant, which actually may have benefited the 360 version too as it could have allowed them to fine tune it some more while they finished the PS3 version.

Hicken1832d ago

Well, as much as I love Square-Enix, I don't trust them to do the right thing much anymore. I still enjoy their games, but it comes with the understanding that they probably did something stupid during development.