10 things you need to know, before you play Pokémon X and Y | Dunham Gaming

It’s not long before we get to the weekend, where we can finally play on the latest Pokémon games! Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are the first full-3D adventures in the series, where trainers can catch old and new monsters, and engage in dazzling battles.

However, there’s information out there that every potential owner needs to know, before they unplug the phone cord, power on their 3DS and enjoy hours of catching new monsters.

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rageus2927d ago

8 is actually wrong. You can self trade using the GTS although you may risk someone picking up your trade offer.

maddfoxx2927d ago

Why risk it, when you can use Pokemon bank?

rageus2927d ago

I wouldn't. But the bank won't trade evolve any pokemon.

Kiddcarter2927d ago

I have never played any of a pokemon game before, but due to all the excitement its producing at my store, i went ahead and preordered the y version of this one, is there anywhere i can go to read up on or watch a video about the history of the franchise, so i can get caught up before tomorrow

3-4-52927d ago

I need to finish White 2 like now!...I'm getting X tomorrow but most likely won't be playing it for a few days to a week.

I want to enjoy W2 and finish it first before I start X.

Reading that list though got me even more excited. I didn't know that about the pokedex at the end.