The New PS Vita Isn’t Exactly Flying Off the Shelves in Japan, but Grand Theft Auto V is Doing Great

This morning the new lighter, slimmer and LCD screen equipped PCH-2000 went on sale in Japan, but it seems that it’s not exactly selling like hotcakes just yet.

On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto V seems to be doing great despite being a western game.

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Neonridr1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

hmmm, I don't want to be that guy that says I told you so, but I seem to remember a bunch of people saying that the reason for the poor Vita sales last week were because everyone was waiting for the Vita 2000 to release..

As indicated by the picture in the article - clearly nobody was waiting..

On a side note, it's great to see a game like GTA V doing well in a market like Japan. I didn't know they would even care for a game like that.

Abriael1886d ago

The fact that it's not selling like hotcakes and panini combined doesn't mean it's not selling at all, yanno. It's probably still going to get a nice bump on the media create charts.

ohiostatesman1886d ago

I don't think The Vita will make it another year. I feel quite bad for those that purchased one. I think Sony should have given the system and chance and support it with games.

Eonjay1886d ago

A lot of folks are probably waiting for VTV next month.

Inception1886d ago


"I don't think The Vita will make it another year."

Really? Than all those Vita games that Sony & 3rd party alaready announced for next year will suddenly canceled, right?

"I feel quite bad for those that purchased one"

I just purchased it and i'm enjoying it a lot. Instead, i feel quite bad for people who never purchased one but always talking crap about vita like "vita has no games", "vita will doomz", and shit like that.

italkgame1886d ago

Agreed also keep in mind that a lot of japanese will wait for the collectors edition psp's think the ffx2 soul eater ect.
Don't forget that the initial batch of psvita tv sold out quite fast. Which can be impressive depending on the amount of devices that were available.

Neonridr1886d ago


Instead, i feel quite bad for people who never purchased one but always talking crap about vita like "vita has no games", "vita will doomz", and shit like that.


Amazing how you can interchange the words Vita and Wii U, but somehow that is not acceptable.

Inception1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )


And do you see me in here talked bad about the people who purchased WiiU?

Th4Freak1886d ago

@Neonridr The difference is that PSV already has more than 200 games and Wii U has like 10.

miyamoto1886d ago

@ ohiostatesman
"I don't think The Vita will make it another year. I feel quite bad for those that purchased one. I think Sony should have given the system and chance and support it with games."

See that is the problem with infected and corrupted minded gamers like you this generation. You people can not appreciate anything with out sales figures attached to it.

Why are you so brainwashed to think that enjoying games is tied to how much sales figures they have?

Can't you guys enjoy games as they are?

When PS1 and PS2 were on top of the world of gaming no one gave a damn about how much they sold. No. Because people were much more concerned about the actual games they can play.

I know Nintendo and Microsoft's battle cry of revenge was sales figures announcements on a weekly basis this generation.

But why do the likes of you people enjoy sales figures more than actual games?

What has happened to you guys?

One of my all time favourite games did not sell very well compared to Final Fantasy or Mario Kart or Monster Hunter or Pokemon or Wii Sports. But it is a game of highest quality. Made by Enix , Squaresoft and Akira Toriyama. It was Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

rainslacker1886d ago


I appreciate the sympathy. Don't feel bad for me though. I love my Vita and play it daily. I'm sure I'll still be playing it daily in two years time. My backlog of games alone for the system would take me at least a year to complete, and I still have several games this year to purchase yet.

Try trolling better next time. You're terribly bad at it.

BattleAxe1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Christmas time is right around the corner, and with the new $199.00 price point, the PS Vita should do just fine. The only thing that bugs me is that we haven't heard of any new triple A first party titles coming from Sony for the Vita, beyond Tearaway and Killzone.

Killzone: Mercenary is the reason that I will buy a Vita, along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Assassin's Creed: Liberation, but outside of that, there isn't anything else that really interests me.

They seriously need some games from the following franchises that are built specifically for the Vita:

- Syphon Filter
- Gran Turismo
- Motorstorm
- God of War
- Grand Theft Auto

gunboss2011885d ago

I'm pretty sure more people are hyped up for the PSVITA TV, good for those who are always a home Console Gamer. Plus it can multi-task to PS4 when needed.

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3-4-51886d ago

Perspective -

As of 2 weeks ago Vita didn't have any "system sellers" for me.

I played Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness 4-5 days ago for the first time. My first Disgaea game.

Vita now has a "system Seller" for me, without having to have done anything.

I just became a fan of the series and now there is a game I would buy the Vita for.

Sony didn't add anything, I just simply allowed myself to give a game a shot, when I might not have otherwise done so.

AbortMission1886d ago

Its pretty much like this for most Vita games. You have to give the games a chance

gunboss2011885d ago

VITA has games, but only 1/2 of the 3DS list, nonetheless you have to be wise enough to choose games for VITA. I have 10 games and Counting for my VITA, I am actually looking forward to more!!

ABizzel11886d ago

The reason is because they foolishly released the PS Vita 2000 right along with the Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon.

That was by far the dumbest thing to do. They should have released it in September when it was revealed, or at the end of October away from Pokemon and the 2DS.

Whoever, picked that date should be fired.

HurtfulTimez1886d ago

i still reckon the ps4 will kickstart the vita sales when released, why? - remote play ability for every ps4 game, i myself am waiting until the ps4 releases to get a vita

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Kingthrash3601886d ago

thats luke warm news for vita! better than not selling or dissappointing sales. i wonder how psv tv will sell.

gaelic_laoch1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Only a Poltergeist could make PS Vitas fly off the shelves. Sales are fine, sure the Vita sales have been split up into unit colour for heavens sake!

Shinobi1001886d ago

This is incredibly funny and fits the season. Good job bro!

The_Villager1886d ago

At this stage it seems sony has done everything it can to get the vita up and running but nothing has worked. I don't see sony ever releasing another handheld in the future.

Abriael1886d ago

One thing still didn't happen. The Vita TV. that one WILL fly off the shelves. Guaranteed.

360GamerFG1886d ago

For how long? Vita momentum never lasts. Ever! Even if there's a fire!

Abriael1886d ago

@360GamerFG: and you know how?

GameCents1886d ago

May I chime in? History favours my colourful friend in this instance.

Vita had amazing momentum leading up to its release and even launched with numbers very close to the 3DS...that didn't last however.
Then there was the price drop boom, that too tapered off.

I expect the same of Vita 2000. Vita TV is an enigma though.

Concertoine1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I think vita will be fine but definitely not because of the vita tv. I mean japan is so focused on handhelds, if the handheld isnt selling why would one pinned to a tv fare much better?
I know the pre orders sold out quick, but i doubt they had a bunch planned for the first print, and i doubt many people beyond collectors bought it.

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HighResHero1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

They will hopefully try actually marketing the Vita correctly first. After the PS4 comes out which the Vita was designed to go along with.

Anyway I just bought one and I'm VERY happy!

miyamoto1886d ago

I am gonna get the Vita version of Dragon's Crown so I can continue my PS3 version when I am out there on the bus ride to work so I can spend quality time with my family more when I am at home.

That is a change of play lifestyle that I know will serve me well. And it can only be done with a PS Vita connecting with my PS3 and soon PS Vita TV and the PS4.

That is real hardcore gaming with good time management.

miyamoto1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I don't see Nintendo ever releasing another home console in the future too.

HighResHero1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

That's a pretty good idea. I'm really happy about the Dragon's Crown cross play patch because I can play with my friend(and other PS3 users) now as well, even though I left my PS3 where I used to live. Hopefully we will see more support in the future for cross play and other nice features.

MajorGecko1886d ago

the vita is only a failure if you only read articles about it you actually have to own one to know the devices full potential and how its a console in your hand. Also the graphics look just the same as xbox 360 with the nice OLED screen.

MajorGecko1886d ago

why? do you have your vita on full brightness?

Neonridr1886d ago

And what about those people who buy the Vita 2000? They get a not so nice LCD screen instead..

TongkatAli1886d ago

The 3DS has a LCD screen and it sells very good. I don't think screen type matters in Japan. God Eater 2 will give it a spike in sales.

GrandTheftZamboni1885d ago

That's exactly what my xbot buddy said when he saw Uncharted on Vita.

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