Why Apple Should Invest in Games

It’s been a speculative topic for years. Holygrenade tries to make the case for Apple.

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mandf3398d ago

The more players in the game the less quality you get out of developers. Journalists should be careful with what they wish for.

zeal0us3398d ago

I highly doubt the more companies in the gaming business means lower quality in games or you get out of developers.

What it does mean possibly is more work for developers, more jobs or even new jobs and the creation of more gaming companies.

mandf3398d ago

A developer with a $40million game bugdet will make a better game focused on or two consoles. Now spend that amount on 5 consoles and you will see a hit in quality. It's just the way things work.

ravinash3398d ago

Have to agree with mandf on this one.
You increase the number of platforms, but unless you pull a Wii, you will not increase the customer base.
It would just be more work going after the same sized market.

Crazay3398d ago

Then CrApple has no business getting into the gaming industry, they have no more innovation.

Crazay3398d ago

I hope CrApple stays far far away from this industry. I know I wouldn't get anything with that pretentious little logo on it.

Roccetarius3398d ago

Gotta agree with that. We don't need Apple's corruption as well, with the things that's going on already.

DestinyHeroDoomlord3398d ago

I wouldn't mind another console, the more the merrier

_LarZen_3398d ago

I have always seen the iPad as a portable gaming device. And now with iOS7 it opens up for support of game controllers.

I know Logitech and others are soon to announce their controllers but I think Apple should make a official controller for their iOS7+ devices.

I would also like if Apple updated the AppleTV so that mirroring from the iPad would be native or @1080p. And that they would fix the latency issues.

That would make the iPad a more console'ish experience.

Einhert3398d ago

No thanks jeff

The games industry is saturated enough

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