October 12, 2013: The Day The Nintendo Bashing Died

No, not all Nintendo bashing dies on Saturday, just the crap about the 2DS and Nintendo’s refusal to publish games on iOS. There will still be plenty of people criticising Nintendo and their steadfast refusal to do anything other than their own thing, but after that date, those critics will be crowing about what they wish Nintendo would do instead of what they think Nintendo needs to do to save themselves.

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thehobbyist1886d ago

Where was this bashing? I never saw it. This guy must really have dug for it.

PopRocks3591886d ago

If you actually read the article it surrounds the early flack that the 2DS received when it was initially revealed.

LAWSON721886d ago

You have not seen Nintendo bashing? There is an article everyday related to Nintendo being dead or dying.

zeal0us1886d ago

I think don't it died its more that people are too busy with other things to care.

-Microsoft keep on having to clarify mess that was said by PR or Marketing or etc.
-People can't get into GTA Online servers or trying to figure out why their data was erased.
-US Government Shutdown
-Pokemon X&Y

truechainz1886d ago

I think he is saying it will die when X and Y come out...

Dgander1886d ago

Who the hell in their right mind would doubt Pokemon to bash it?

Misaka_x_Touma1885d ago

"I think don't it died"


Jack_Of_All_Blades1886d ago

Anyone else see Grand Theft Autumn on Korean SNL ?

VitaOwner1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

We shall see

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